Fine Tune Your Vehicle for Better Performance

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Fleet Management

a. Proper Inflated Tyre
Under inflated: The under inflated Tyre increases drag on car and therefore it requires more fuel. The Tyre gets heated and increases rolling resistance there by require more push to maintain speed therefore require more fuel consumption. Properly inflated Tyre may increase efficiency by up to 3 %. You may check in 1-2 week, the proper Tyre pressure usually mentioned below side of car door.
Over Inflated Tyre: The over inflated Tyre pose risk of vehicle handling while turning on road as it reduces grip. It causes insufficient traction and increases wear of Tyre from Center. When vehicle is loaded, it is benefit able sometimes when it is proportionate to the load on vehicle. It’s always good to maintain right pressure as per the load on the vehicle.

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What amounts to recurring breakdowns in Vehicle?

Breakdown in work flow not only causes loss in productivity but disrupt the whole process of days routine and job completion.  Specially, in Transportation Industry, it is a routine activity which happens intentionally and unintentionally both. We may get to see immense no. of reasons for the vehicle breakdown during transit as what it is given by chauffeur and we are left with no other option except to believe them.

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Route Optimization for Curbing fuel Expenses!!

With surging Fuel Prices dependent on Global demand, the portion of spending on fuel in our budget is increasing day by day. Since after the government had decontrolled petrol price in June 2010, the only way left out for mango people of India to cut spending on fuel consumption is to efficiently use the resources dependent on Fuel. It is not just driving less help you reduce fuel expenses, you may follow approaches to share resources, optimize route, understand patterns and alternate mediums to reduce your fuel expenses.

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