Things to be Considered When Choosing the Employee Transportation

Development demands rapid urbanization and this swift growth comes with many hurdles. Indian IT companies are not unscathed with the challenges that urban rapid growth brings and they need to constantly align themselves with innovate and out-of-box solutions. Machines, equipment, and infrastructure can be constructed, procured or leased for business but, it is the employees that drive the growth of your business and are key to its sustenance. Therefore, safety of employees especially female employees is one of the major concerns, now-a-days. One more day to day struggle that employees go through on daily basis is the time that gets wasted while waiting for buses, metros or cabs for commuting to offices and homes. And so many companies have come up with Employee Transportation Department. But in this case also there are instances that add up to inconvenient exchange of words and situations among employees, transport providers, transport managers, and HR & Administration Department.

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Let Technology Transform Your Transport Operations

India’s logistics sector contributes 13% to the country’s GDP, but this sector is still underdeveloped, segmented, and is highly inefficient.

Logistics is a complex activity involving planning, execution, and control of the movement/ placement of goods and/ or people, and the related supporting activities, all within a system designed to achieve specific objectives.

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