4 Things you should see in Fleet Management Software

1. Robust Application

2. Complete Solution

3. Customizable

4. Service and Up Gradation

Robust Application: The software you are selection for your enterprise fleet, it should be robust and must be capable enough to work seamlessly in big data environment. If it is a web application, it should be fast (Minimum Load time) with capability of real time data access and up gradation.

As a Business organization, you cannot afford a single day system downfall. So, robust fleet management software should be your first priority.

Complete Solution: You must select a Fleet Management Software Vendor who offers you a complete solution. The software must possess all features and functions that can add business value. It must posses feature set to manage end-2-end fleet management activities that comprise vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management, customer record management and health & safety management.

Customizable: The fleet management processes are different for varying requirement for managing Fleet of diverse commercial motor vehicles that comprise cars, ships, vans and trucks, as well as rail cars. The operational process for a Taxi Management Service Provider and Cab Management service provider will not be similar to Inter-State Transporter involved in load transportation. Also, the requirement will be different for small and large enterprise fleet owners. The service provider you are choosing must have capability to offer you package with customized Software product. It will help your organization to continue with existing operational processes.

Renewal and up gradation: The requirement changes with time and so are the Business Needs. The software product vendor must come-up proactively with new advanced features and functions that can further help Fleet Service provider to improve his services and bring operational effectiveness. You must select that software which offers you services with market trends and requirement. For Example, 21st century is an era of mobility and mobile application for information access and dissemination. The fleet management software solution must have accessibility on smartphone moreover on other smart devices.

These are 4 requirements you must check in fleet management software. But, you must also ensure the Post sales services and previous experience of the software product service provider. It is very important to select vendor who is receptive to your requirement and feedback with prompt services in case of breakdown.

Fleet Robo – Fleet Management solution has been providing vehicle tracking and end-2-end fleet management solutions to taxi service provider, car rental companies, transporters and logistic companies and to small scale companies involved in transportation business with quintessential capability to provide customized fleet management software solution that suits both the requirement and budget of the company.

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