Are You Trip Ready This Holiday Season?

Holy Lord bless us! The most awaited winter holiday season is here. It’s time to take that long awaited family trip of the year to unwind, relax, mingle and just have pure fun in the company of and with people that you love. What’s more? You love to drive into the wilderness amid the sweet sounds of your family members and cherish the present moment. So are you trip ready? Well, we understand that you can hardly contain your excitement at this point in time, but we like to spread a word of caution. There are a few not-to-miss steps that should necessarily precede your family holiday.


Thus before you decide to head towards your onward journey to the holiday destination, here’s what you should do to ensure a safe, hassle free and memorable family trip!


To-Do list before heading for a road trip

To-Do list before heading for a road trip:


1. Car Check


The most important aspect before starting that exciting road trip is to check the vehicle, which you intend to travel in. It is necessary to get a green signal from a professional or an expert car care handler. The best way is to check in at a car care center and get your vehicle examined. In case your vehicle needs a little bit of overhauling, go ahead with it. It is better to drive in a well-maintained vehicle as it helps a great deal in reducing accidents and breakdowns at unidentified place. Also you need to choose your vehicle with caution just in case you are headed to rough terrains. If you have doubts that your vehicle will not be able to pull through the journey, it is way better to find a substitute rather than taking that big risk!


2. Leave at Appropriate Time


Winters are pretty bad at giving you a tough time in case you undermine its messy potential. Thus, we suggest you check the forecast before starting off. Also, to avoid traffic woes within the city limits, it’s best to either leave before sunrise or a little while after sunset! Dark hours caress your little ones to sleep thus giving you some additional worry-free time to focus on the road ahead.


3. Fill the Fuel


Well, this is for all to remember. Don’t ever make the mistake of leaving for that awesome trip without checking your fuel meter. Also it’s always great to have that tank full before crossing the city limits just in case you are headed towards an untouched or an unknown road wherein fuel stations are hard to find. What’s best is to carry extra supply of fuel along in case your vehicle demands it at unprecedented odd hours and awkward places!


4. Carry Extras


Winters are pretty unpredictable and very good at giving you a hard time! Why then risk the risk? It’s wise to carry extra supplies of almost everything. Yes, that includes food, snacks, water, fuel, warm clothes and blankets. While no one expects to get stranded in a winter storm, isn’t is good to be pro-active and future ready, just in case you are wondering what that means.


5. Be Alert & Aware


Unknown road could either be pretty smooth or quite harrowing. Thus to avoid any accidents and fatalities, the best way out is to remain alert and aware. One must always watch out for animals or any objects hindering the vehicle’s passage. And yes, never leave your kids unattended at isolated and unknown areas. Stick along even if that means accompanying them to the nearby washrooms.


Hope this helps. Have a happy journey!