Are you using right telematics solution for your business?

GPS based tracking solution evolved over the year as technology landscape has changed with the introduction of IoT and telematics comes in play. Gone are the days when only current location of the vehicle were the main requirement, today industry has diverse solutions on offer; organizations often find it difficult to decide upon the correct solution that meets their requirement which result in optimum use of resources, better ROI and satisfied customer.

Solution suitable according to the business:

1. Commercial and Non-Commercial Fleet (Fixed)
Suitable for: Organizations and fleet owners having fixed fleet operations (owned fleet)
Best Fit: Wired Tracking Devices (Hard-wired Trackers)

Wired tracking devices are hard-mounted into the vehicle; a permanent solution that sits inside the dashboard away from the driver’s eyesight. Thus, making it more difficult to tamper with. The wired devices draws power from the vehicle’s main battery and can remotely disable a vehicle’s mobilization in case of any threat of theft or safety violation.

Key Benefits:

  • Built-in movement sensor to detect driving pattern and crash detection
  • Less susceptible to tampering.
  • Remotely control vehicle mobilization through an external accessory: Vehicle Engine Immobilization Relay.
  • External accessories such as Fuel Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Panic Buttons, etc., can be additionally attached.

2. Commercial Fleet (Market Aggregated)
Suitable for: Organizations and commission agents who hire fleets from market on regular basis as per the transportation requirement.
Best Fit: Wireless Tracking Devices (Portable Trackers)

Non-wired tracking devices comes with a magnetic base and can be easily mounted into a vehicle without the need of an installation expert. These are portable devices, which comes with in-built battery and can be attached-and-detached anytime as per the requirement.

Key Benefits:
Long battery life
Reverse logistics through leading courier partners.

3. Service Providers (Car Rentals)
Suitable for: Service providers who rent out premium cars to corporate and individuals.
Best Fit: Plug & Play Devices (OBD-II)

OBD devices are small premium tracking devices that plugs directly into the OBD-II port of the vehicle. Once connected, the device can read data from a wide number of vehicle sensors and provides input about how the car is operating and if it is having any engine-related problems. The information helps to gain insight into car diagnostics with real-time data for engine-load, RPM count, etc.

Key Benefits:
Detect and identify engine trouble codes
Crash detect with crash trace
Support for voice calls via Bluetooth hands-free
Vehicle on-board parameters reading and support for CAN data

4. Workforce
Suitable for: Organizations who need to keep a track of their field force.
Best Fit: App Based Tracking

Mobile-app for tracking can be easily deployed into the smart-phones of the personnel. The app provides real-time attendance and movement details through mandatory sign-ins. Admins and supervisors can monitor the same through central portal and assign task dynamically.

Key Benefits:
Attendance and movement monitoring
Real-time task assignment
Route tracking and route replay
SOS for emergency

5. Shipments
Suitable for: Organizations and business personnel involved in highly valuable goods transfer through containers.
Best Fit: Intelligent Tracking Locks (Consignment Security Trackers)

Intelligent tracking locks comes with a lock-string, which can be easily mounted onto containers that are involved in multi-modal transportation. These are the safest GPS locks, as these can only be unlocked through RFID cards or SMS passwords. The device is smart enough to detect any tamper and sends instant alerts for break-in attempts, unauthorized access etc.

Key Benefits:
Unlock with RFID/SMS password.
High Capacity Battery , Long Working Time
Alarms for illegal Unlock and Break-in Attempts.

Written By : Ayan

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