Automation in Vehicle Dispatching for Taxi and Dial-a-Cab Service Provider

Gone are the days when one has to stand on the side of road and wave at passing taxi to ride to the destination. Nowadays, just with a phone call and with a click of a button on internet, we get cab or Taxi at our Doorstep. Moreover, the automated systems introduced by organised Taxi Service Provider and Cab Management companies’ gives prompt information and details of Cab booked for requisite destination automatically to the customers. Involvement of larger players in taxi and cab service ensures introduction of latest technologies within their fleet in order to have that all important edge on existing taxi and cab fleets on the road.


It is really difficult to manage dispatching of vehicle manually if the fleet is very large as lot of time is consumed in selecting the appropriate vehicle to minimise waiting time for passenger and Driver. This has generated need for robust system for taxi service providers which can help them in regulating and operating systematically, which could further enhance the productivity through timely dispatch of vehicle to customers, on the given time at designated place. An automated system is very critical in case of managing large fleet of vehicle to get complete control and coordination in assigning the Job to right Driver.


Automated Vehicle Dispatching Engine works by identifying accurate position of the taxi through the help of GPS and cellular network, which enables it to pinpoint current taxi location, so that it can be dispatched conveniently based on Intelligent Business Rules. These rules are very critical which counts the distance of driver from the future required location of the customer to be picked, previous trips assigned during the day and availability at the requisite time. After counting all these factors, the Job is assigned to the right Driver whose name and Vehicle No. is automatically messages to the customer. Similarly, the Driver get automated alert for his next Job based on his availability.


Benefits of Automatics Vehicle Dispatching:


Saves Time and Fuel: The Automation in Vehicle Dispatching save valuable time as well as fuel by assigning the Job to Taxi or Cab which is currently near to location where it is required.


Increases Efficiency: It increases the efficiency and reduces waiting period for customer and cab or taxi driver.


Better Customer Services: This System also ensure that customer get best possible service, be it getting a taxi at your doorstep or getting prior notification with details of Cab been booked, which is one of the major grip to manage the customers.