Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking for Truck Fleet Management

Vehicle tracking has come a long way, now the with sophisticated fleet management application, which can provide wide variety of data for better and clearer picture to vehicle movement, the concept of vehicle tracking has really evolved to improvise the fleet operations. As hardware is getting more compact and robust to capture, store and through stream of data, its usage in combination with software applications helps in managing fleet effortlessly. GPS Vehicle Tracking gives significant advantage to large truck fleet owners in getting the accurate and precise picture of the transit of their current fleet.





Better fleet management: GPS Truck fleet tracking presents advantage for fleet managers to manage fleet of vehicle easily and efficiently. With this telematics solution, you can easily monitor and can have direct control over the vehicle, which can be useful in taking the remote control of vehicle in your hand.


Better route planning: Using Geo-fencing, Routing, mapping and previous trip related information, you can plan better routes for safe delivery of cargo in shortest possible time. It will not only help in reducing fuel consumption but also reduce wear and tear of the vehicle, eventually providing fitness for longer vehicle life.


Constant stream of information: With truck fleet management, constant stream of information are collected through GPS and cellular network, which provide real time data which can be analysed and if required, can be partially shared with driver to avoid mistakes.


Benefiting customer: Customer gets up to date information regarding the current location of their cargo and expected delivery time helping them to maintain and schedule inventory effectively. It helps in safe transit of goods which have very short shelf life and require quick delivery.


Track stolen vehicle or goods: Constant monitoring of vehicle help reduce the chances of vehicle or goods been stolen, even if it happens, it can be easily track down. Moreover features like Vehicle Immobilization can prevent the undesirable vehicle movement, in case of theft or driver mishandling and deviation from its path.


Many countries have made it mandatory to have GPS based tracking system in all transportation vehicles, in public transportation and trucks in order to track the movement of vehicle 24X7. Especially in mining sector it is been mandatory to install GPS Vehicle Tracker in all vehicle to measure and curb the illegal mining.