Can dispatching change the face of Vehicle Tracking System?

Vehicle tracking system offers you with a number of benefits for fleet managers as well as for small and large scale business owners. One of these benefits include the ability to improve dispatching. This can help a business owner to save money with the reduction of fuel cost, leading to better and faster services to the consumers. The vehicle tracking system that you go for should allow you to optimize the number of  customers that can be  served in a day, thereby improving your topline and bottom line as well as improving your ROI timelines. The key to achievement of these is  efficient and economical dispatch with optimal fleet management.


Vehicle tracking system


Your vehicle tracking system is one of the most useful tools you can utilize to improve dispatching. Real-time mapping is the most obvious feature that dispatchers can use, but there are other ways to optimize fleet tracking to streamline dispatching. Consider how the following features could help your team communicate more effectively with drivers in the field:


Defining dispatch and delivery locations/ hubs/ via-points: When you define your dispatch and delivery locations, hubs, and via-points, which could be your office, customer locations, and other important sites, your system would be able to provide you the list of vehicles that are  closest to the pick-up/ loading point. This would allow you to optimize your fleet utilization.


Geo-fencing: Geo-fence allows you to demarcate a geographic location based on which  you would get to know when a vehicle enters or leaves a geo-fence. You could geo-fence critical areas from your business perspective as well as from point of interest/ landmarks en-route which  you wish to track. Dispatchers can receive alerts whenever a driver has left or arrived at these geo-fenced locations so they can assign routes as needed with ease.


Communication with the drivers: A suitable vehicle tracking system would provide you the necessary whereabouts and handy information that could be used to  communicate with the fleet drivers at any point in time. Therefore, you are always in touch with your fleet.


Usage of mobile tools is helpful:  Mobile app versions of vehicle tracking system and their ability to run on various mobile tools like tablets, smart phones, etc. can help you to track vehicle easily and also you to communicate with the drivers who are on duty. In fact, the drivers could also use the part of the application  to see the traffic en-route and communicate with the Control Centre in case a route deviation is required to reach the destination on time.


FleetRobo has a solution for you whether you simply want to track your assets to prevent theft or implement a robust solution with field service management tools, our consultative sales process is designed to help you select the right system for the effective and efficient management of your fleet to derive the ROI.