OBD-II Technology – Know What it is Used For?

With the advent of digital age and new technology, OBD-II has started to spread it’s awareness amongst the vehicle owners as many of the Telematics Device Providers have started to work towards providing OBD-II solutions. As the name suggests, OBD-II provides useful data for On Board Diagnostics. However, not much of the OBD-II data is being gainfully utilized.

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Odd & Even Number Theory on Delhi Roads

Delhi, the capital city of India is breathing sick. The city, which is home to millions of cross cultural people has surpassed the alarming levels of air pollutants causing health woes to its inhabitants. The most disturbing fact however, is that young school going children are falling in the vicious trap of the demonic pollution and are displaying worrisome signs of various respiratory diseases including asthma. Thus, to curb the menace of pollution and facilitate a clean breathing environment for its residents, the Government of Delhi has initiated a novel initiative of Odd/Even vehicles on Delhi roads.

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Are You Trip Ready This Holiday Season?

Holy Lord bless us! The most awaited winter holiday season is here. It’s time to take that long awaited family trip of the year to unwind, relax, mingle and just have pure fun in the company of and with people that you love. What’s more? You love to drive into the wilderness amid the sweet sounds of your family members and cherish the present moment. So are you trip ready? Well, we understand that you can hardly contain your excitement at this point in time, but we like to spread a word of caution. There are a few not-to-miss steps that should necessarily precede your family holiday.

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Emerging requirements for ideal Taxi Management Software Solution in India?

India is witnessing winds of change across industries and sectors. Tech evolution is working its magic and paving way for a promising business environment. Industries can thus look forward to a prospective future. One such sector that is making merry at the backdrop of technology boom is the Radio Taxi market. This industry segment has witnessed a significantly massive year-on-year growth since the year 2009. Market players like Ola, Taxi For Sure, Uber, Meru Cabs, Carzonrent etc have taken the game to another level by throwing a nail biting competition at traditional black-and-yellow taxi service operators. Customers too are overwhelmed by the service offered by tech savvy Radio Taxis with air conditioners, 24×7 customer support, GPS, electronic meters and other in-cab services.

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How to improve the Transportation and Logistics Services at Enterprise Level!

Transportation and Logistics industry is one of the most challenging industries today. A lot is at stake on both company as well as client’s side. However, over the years technology has played a pivotal role in streamlining enterprise fleet management. The fact that tech evolution has a share in the success of the industry remains! Enterprise fleet sometimes comprises hundreds and at times thousands of vehicles that can get difficult to manage.

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Self-Drive Car Rental Services: Ditch the obvious, make a cut beyond!

Self drive car rental service is a flourishing business in the service industry today. The idea behind this service is to offer cars-for-hire to people on a temporary basis for a short period of time ranging from a few hours to few weeks. The target group for this service are predominantly travellers, visitors on a trip in a new city and the ones whose vehicles are damaged for use (at least for now). This concept is very popular in the West and India is fast catching up to its western counterparts thanks to the ever evolving, fast paced technology. Tech innovations push this industry on the platforms of magnificence and scope to enhance customer services with better safety, security and processes. Dynamic nature of technology is giving this business that much required safety and trust with the commuters to lend their vehicles without any physical companion. A reason why several car rental companies are mushrooming up this quickly!

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What should Point to Point Taxi, Cab and Car Rental Service Provider do to enhance Women Safety?

Unfortunately, because of various incidents that had happened against the women, the capital city – Delhi has been tagged as “Unsafe for Women”. One thing which is common in all those incidents of women harassment are the security and safety lapses because of poor work management, compromising business processes, unverified drivers and absence of technological safety features.

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Vehicle Tracking System in City Buses

Telematics industry is one of the fastest growing sector in automotive accessory market. Innovation and advancement in technologies, especially in hardware has led manufacturing of compact devices that are faster. Vehicle tracking industry has expanded very well in short span of time and offers lot more than customary GPS navigation and tracking to point a vehicle location. The gamut of vehicle tracking includes supporting features to track the load, temperature, riders, movement and many other related vehicle information.

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Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solution for Transportation, Logistics & Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management Solution for Taxi, Car Rental,Transportation, Logistics and provide safe and secure mode of transportation with vehicle tracking system to fleet owners.


1. Automatic Dispatching

2. Mobile Application

3. Real Time Tracking

4. Intuitive Reporting

5. Call Center Support

6. SOS, Immobilizer & Alerts

Fleet Management Solution for Transportation, Logistics & Vehicle Tracking

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Emerging Demand for Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking System in Mumbai & Pune

Mumbai, the financial capital of the India and magnet for people around the world to visit or earn their lively hood, makes it one of the most congested and heavily populated cities in the world. People from all zones of Mumbai including those who live in the periphery of Mumbai city are largely dependent on Public Transportation. Lot of people are dependent on ubiquitous black and yellow Taxi/Auto Services, Rental Cars, and BEST Public Transpiration and Dial a Cab service provider.

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