What is GPS Tracking Software? Myth v/s Reality!

GPS technology has been around for a long time yet even today many companies are uncertain about its usage and benefits. Sadly this amazing technology is getting overshadowed by myths floating around everywhere. The aim of this article is to throw light on the compelling need of GPS tracker devices more so for the transportation and logistics industry.

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Waterproof GPS Tracker: Things you should know

Technology is blissful. One such tech wonder that is indeed a gift to mankind is GPS Tracker. While most of us know about the commonly used GPS Tracker Devices in everyday life, many are unaware about the amazing Waterproof GPS Tracker Devices pumping a million hopes in lives and businesses! Whether you know it or not, the cardinal truth is that these devices are widely accepted and used across industry lines and business domains. These devices penetrate spheres where human intervention is hard all thanks to their resilient nature. Most of these rugged, tough, powerful and easy-to-handle GPS devices use customized hardware structures, components and microchips.

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Safety Truck: Lucid idea, overwhelming outcome!

Technology has paved its way into everything that we can think of today. Literally! Transportation sector is no exception. Various organizations are evolving mind boggling techniques that are not only resourceful but are scripting a new chapter in the conventional ways to road safety. Carrying forward this tradition, Samsung has come up with yet another technological innovation. However, this time around the Korean giant’s product Safety Truck aims at tackling the high rise fatalities caused by overtaking on the roads of Argentina. Taking its cues from the mounting deaths on the roads, especially one-ways, of this South American country, Samsung has put a brilliant logic to place. Its Safety Trucks are fitted with a front camera that transmits live feeds of the roads to the four screens installed at the back. This way, drivers attempting to overtake these gigantic trucks can have a clear cut view of the road ahead and hence plan their overtaking movements with great caution. These cameras offer live images of the roads and are equipped with night-vision mode. This is indeed the Seoul based conglomerate’s attempt to promote road safety but with a peppy twist!

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Vehicle Telematics: Technology and Its Usage

Vehicle Telematics is the combination of several technologies that converge together to create system which can be used to track vehicle. Generally, an on board system is fitted into the vehicle (often named as GPS Vehicle Tracker) which collects and transmit latitude and longitude of location in real time using Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) or GLONASS to identify the location information of any vehicle on road and Telecom Infrastructure (Cellular Network) to transmit the information. Central Application Server is receives data from on board GPS Tracking device, store the data securely and exhibit the required information through Intuitive software or web application accessible on Desktop, Smartphone etc. User can view vehicle data like real time location, speed, time etc. through maps and charts.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India

Implementation of GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Business process and for individual usage is getting popular in India. It is not just limited to its implementation is public transport vehicle, rather it is accepted in all type of agencies/companies involved in Transportation, Logistic, Safety and Security etc.

Recently, it is been announced to install GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices in all public transport vehicles in Delhi. But, let’s not get fascinated by 360’ Buzz about Vehicle Tracking, GPS Navigations etc. rather lets apprehend and spread the precise Benefit of GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking – Cars, Trucks, Load Vehicles & School Buses

Scenario is getting changed! Safety and Security of Vehicle along with Passenger as well as load is becoming primary objective for all type of enterprises. The demand as well as need both is proportionately increasing for GPS Car Tracking System.

Be it a Transportation Company (Cab Service Provider) or Enterprise with Big Fleet of Cars, or an individual car owner with chauffeur Driven Vehicle, its is becoming important for everyone to deploy GPS Car Tracking System to ensure safe transit of Passengers, proper handling of Vehicle, effective utilization of shared resources and prevention against fuel siphoning and theft.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking Advantages

Gone are the days when GPS Vehicle Tracking devices & GPS Navigation devices were considered as an accessory for a car embellishment. In 21st Century, these are proving to be a handy tool to ensure safety and security to passengers against crimes and mis-happening with women, senior citizens, children and in fact shared transportation Vehicle commuters (BPO Cabs, Taxi, Car Pooling, Public Transport etc.)

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Vehicle Tracking Software for Transportation Industry (part -2)

Let’s do an interesting activity! You write down Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for your business in below table:-

Try to populate the list for each of the above requirement. It’s not as easy to find out things!!

As per well know saying,” The difference between success and failure for a business is, understanding about Strength and Weaknesses.” SWOT Analysis helps you in taking right decision for the same you should have precise data. “Data” helps you process it as information to build knowledge about the business. Eventually, a knowledgeable person is more certain about its action and can take better decision.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking and GPS Navigation

Often, the term GPS Tracking and GPS Navigation are mingled and used indifferently in describing them as solution for Car Security and Safety. Few consider it overlapping terms and can be quiet baffling in understanding it precise utility.

Both GPS Vehicle Tracking System and GPS Navigation System use GPS or GLONASS technology for locating the vehicle. Both make use of data sent and received via satellites that orbit our earth, but are packaged in two different ways. The applications may be different but the underlining ICT Infrastructure and Architecture is same. Both use satellites to pinpoint the whereabouts of you or your vehicle.

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Vehicle Tracking in India

Vehicle Owners are installing Vehicle Tracking System not just to jazz – up their cars with latest technological solutions but also to make sure Vehicle Safety and Security during transit on road. The Vehicle Tracking Solutions not just give remote vehicle information access but also the application software interface to control your vehicle during transit. You can switch off the ignition of Vehicle remotely using application accessible through internet.

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