OBD-II Technology – Know What it is Used For?

With the advent of digital age and new technology, OBD-II has started to spread it’s awareness amongst the vehicle owners as many of the Telematics Device Providers have started to work towards providing OBD-II solutions. As the name suggests, OBD-II provides useful data for On Board Diagnostics. However, not much of the OBD-II data is being gainfully utilized.

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How GPS Vehicle Tracking saves Money?

Improved efficiency:

Installing GPS Vehicle Tracking helps in route planning and finding the best responder to an event at any given time in case of Fleet Management. It helps in reducing time delays in reaching the destination because the right person is traveling to the right place; it also reduces fuel consumption as routes are shorter.

Save Fuel Costs:

Improved route planning, better Chauffeur Assessment and Convenient In-Time Response mean considerable savings on fuel costs. With surging Fuel prices, it is becoming very important to curb on wastage on it. Fuel siphoning is the problem faced by the fleet operators and with real time information and Mis records you can understand the pattern for particular Chauffeur. Also you can understand the fuel expenses and mileage for every vehicle and comparative analysis of the same helps you check the individual performances.

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What amounts to recurring breakdowns in Vehicle?

Breakdown in work flow not only causes loss in productivity but disrupt the whole process of days routine and job completion.  Specially, in Transportation Industry, it is a routine activity which happens intentionally and unintentionally both. We may get to see immense no. of reasons for the vehicle breakdown during transit as what it is given by chauffeur and we are left with no other option except to believe them.

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Tips to reduce fuel Consumption!!

With surging Fuel Prices dependent on Global demand, the portion of spending on fuel in our budget is increasing day by day. Since after the government had decontrolled petrol price in June 2010, the only way left out for mango people of India to cut spending on fuel consumption is to efficiently use the resources dependent on Fuel.

Following are the tips to Reduce spending on Fuel Consumption:-

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