CES 2016 & Promising Automotive Technologies of 2020!

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a grand affair and without any surprises left one and all spellbound at Las Vegas this year. The show unravels innovation, magnificence and grandeur in various consumer electronics genres. With so much to offer, CES unveiled lot many exciting innovations in the field of automotive engineering.

Let’s take a sneak peek into some incredible tech innovations in the field of automotive technology that are sure to infuse a new ray of hope in the ever-changing dynamics of automobile sector. Vehicle technologies that are set to give automotive sector a refreshing makeover by the end of year 2020 include:

ces 2016
#1 Biometric Access

Oh! This may still sound far fetched to some, but yes, it is one of the most enchanting realities of the future of automotive sector across the world. The transition from key to key less entry and now bio-metric access is a great step ahead and an incredible security initiative. Imagine the pleasures of unlocking your personal vehicles without any hassles and with just the imprints of your finger tips! Why just fingertips even retina scanning seems like a huge possibility.

#2 Remote Vehicle Shutdown

Though this technology exists and many vehicles so far have been locked down with a remote access including stolen vehicles giving policemen an unending chase. However, not many are aware about the same including drivers that are at the wheels of such technically equipped vehicles. Come year 2020 and there will be deeper penetration and ample social awareness about this technology, which will be a leap forward in curbing crime a great deal.

#3 In-Car Marketing

Well, who isn’t aware about the smart marketing techniques used by social media and email flooding you with ads that make sense to your choice and preference? Striking the same cord, cars that are set to be uninterruptedly connected with the internet, will enable marketers to send messages based on location and personalized choices. Are you ready?

#4 Health Monitoring

Various car manufacturers are seriously contemplating adding steering wheel and seat belt sensors to the future cars. These sensors are set to keep a tab on the health and vital statistics. This idea is set to induce fresh hopes for wearable technology. As such most cars using this tech innovation would be paired wirelessly with these devices. It will be helpful in saving precious lives on the drive!

#5 Active Window Displays

Head Up Display (HUD) has undergone a marvellous change in the years gone by. It’s journey in the future will be as exciting as it has been in the past. Coming back to the point, 2020 HUD technology will have glass equipped to showcase vivacious and colorful images. It’s wider impact will also change the dynamics of navigation, all for the good reasons!