Challenges in Fleet Management for Big Enterprises

Large Enterprises usually have hundreds of vehicle in their fleet with huge driver strength to cater to transportation needs all across the country. Under the process, there are lots many challenges that come up which sometimes causes problem but also makes things standstill if not been taken care cautiously well in advance.

Following are the challenges in Enterprise Fleet Management

1. Information Overload: The GPS tracking devices disseminate data through GPRS every 10 second. That means 6 updates every minute and 360 in 1 hour and 8640 updates in 1 day and 259200 updates in 1 month. These updates are for 1 vehicle. If calculate the magnitude of information for fleet of 1000 vehicles, the figure goes to whopping 259,200,000.

Problem Solution: Do you consider it easy for fleet managers to look all the information packets? One needs an intelligent mechanism to arrange it, analyze it and represent it in perfect form to help in decision making and optimizing resources.

2. END to END Seamless Integrations: In a fleet of thousands of vehicle, the information flow is from multiple disparate resources. Same applies to information access and retrieval. The different department works in tandem. Any disconnect between them may effect the productivity and thereby loss of business.

Problem Solution: The Software system must be designed to support seamless integration with flexibility into the existing business process to contribute to overall productivity. Fleet Robo – Fleet Management System gives End to End solution to Cab Service Providers, Taxi Management Companies, Car Rental Companies and Trucking & Logistic Companies.

3. Ensuring Utilizing of all resources: The bigger is the organization, the bigger will be the resource to be managed. The chances for resources to not being used increases. Thereby increases cost to the company, loss of business, reduced productivity and drop in organizational profits.

Problem Solution: Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solution posses all such options to highlight the short comings and necessary improvement and job assignment required in your fleet so as to ensure full utilization of resources. The GPS Vehicle Tracking System ensures that all vehicles are accounted for and being utilized efficiently. You will get to understand, which vehicle are more in demand, where I invest more to cater to demand, what are grey areas etc.

4. Fixing Small Problems in Time: Small problems in large enterprises in fleet management can go unnoticed. The aggravation of such small issues when not been handles in time, can lead to system dysfunction.

Problem Solution: An intelligent system brings up issues proactively to ensure minimum breakdown for vehicle. Fleet Robo – Fleet Management System gives you pattern study of faults noticed in vehicle transits and maintain it in record. The MIS report and Alerts ensure that all such small issues must not go unnoticeable and are been attended before hand.


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