Demand for Telematics for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management in India

As a company, we get numerous no. of enquiries for vehicle tracking system and fleet management systems. We not only get enquiries from big enterprises and companies with large fleet of trucks and load vehicles which they use to transport products and the local radio cab and taxi service providers, but large chunk of requests for Vehicle tracking and fleet management devices comes from small and mid segment transportation companies and enterprises.


The demand for Vehicle Tracking devices is incessantly rising in domestic Indian market and international market both. In fact, the Indian software industry have given robust fleet management application and vehicle tracking system that has helped transportation companies save their overheads and convert their business into profits. Many SME’s are finding these applications useful in tackling day-to-day challenges and problems faced in fleet management and transportation of load. Whether it is fuel siphoning or time delays, vehicle tracking devices helps you monitor precise activity of your vehicle during transit.



Coming back to the market demand, we have analyzed the flow of enquiries we have received in past 6 months and we have found that:-


1. Around 1/3rd of enquiries we received are from outside India. It is been observed there is huge demand for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management in Middle East.


2. More than 50% of the enquiries received from domestic market were for GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions for trucks, loader and commercial vehicle.


3. Around 20% of domestic enquiries were from Taxi Services Provider, Cab Service Provider and local car rental services.


4. Presuming the schools and companies enquiring for VTS Solution for transit from Home to school/office, more than 20% of the enquiries for VTS and Fleet Management System can be categorized as submitted keeping in mind safety and security benefits of the solution.


Surely, the usage and expectation from fleet management solution and vehicle tracking system will vary among organizations from different sector and industry. But all-in-all, the advanced telematics solutions for vehicle tracking gives you a hawk-eye to keep an eye on every activity of vehicle in order to reduce breakdowns, time delays, over heads etc. and maximize profits for the organization. And, for cab and taxi service provider, the safety and security feature helps in inculcating confidence among the consumers of taxi services.