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A. Proper Inflated Tyre
Under inflated: The under inflated Tyre increases drag on car and therefore it requires more fuel. The Tyre gets heated and increases rolling resistance there by require more push to maintain speed therefore require more fuel consumption. Properly inflated Tyre may increase efficiency by up to 3 %. You may check in 1-2 week, the proper Tyre pressure usually mentioned below side of car door.
Over Inflated Tyre: The over inflated Tyre pose risk of vehicle handling while turning on road as it reduces grip. It causes insufficient traction and increases wear of Tyre from Center. When vehicle is loaded, it is benefit able sometimes when it is proportionate to the load on vehicle. It’s always good to maintain right pressure as per the load on the vehicle.

B. Carry appropriate weight: Avoid necessary stuffing and unnecessary load in luggage as every additional 50kg load added in your car increases fuel consumption by two per cent.

C. Turn off AC at lower speeds: It’s a general consensus that the AC should be off at lower speed and is appropriate to Switch ON at higher speed. The proper usage of AC while driving and keeping it off while standing can increase efficiency by 8 %.

D. Air Filter/ Servicing: Clogged air filters due to land pending servicing can increase fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent. The airflow resistance promotes incomplete combustion and this effect the engine efficiency to go down — way down. So clean up or service your air filters when it’s time to.

Fleet Management Software can help you manage preventive maintenance record that may help you optimize the resources. The Proper management can not only help increase the efficiency but also help you find possible and existing reasons for breakdown and downfall.

FleetRobo – IoT and Telematics Solutions are the end to end solution for managing vehicle effectively and efficiently. It is an IT enabled Solution that streamlines day to day process of managing, controlling and maintaining the fleet of vehicle for continuously running.


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