GPS Vehicle Tracking Advantages

Gone are the days when GPS Vehicle Tracking devices & GPS Navigation devices were considered as an accessory for a car embellishment. In 21st Century, these are proving to be a handy tool to ensure safety and security to passengers against crimes and mis-happening with women, senior citizens, children and in fact shared transportation Vehicle commuters (BPO Cabs, Taxi, Car Pooling, Public Transport etc.)

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems:-

• Safe guard you, elders, children, women and guests against possible mis happening

• Helps you in preventing vehicle theft using remote vehicle immobilization

• Efficiently helps in time slicing of shared resources

• Helps in monitoring the precise movement of vehicle

• Can help you identify speed of vehicle

• Gives you alarm for over speeding Vehicle

• Helps you in optimizing Resource Utilization and Operation Activities

With all the benefits listed above, it is apparent that GPS Vehicle Tracking System is very helpful for Big Enterprise Fleet, Transportation Companies, Taxi Management Companies, and Cab Management Companies and even for personal chauffeur driven vehicles.

Advantages of GPS Vehicle Tracking for Big Enterprises:-

1. Efficient Utilization of Resources

2. 24 X 7 Live Vehicle Tracking

3. Individual Driver Report and Past Performance

4. Chauffeur Job Management

5. Pick up Time and Drop In time mapping

6. MIS Reporting for Better Decision Making

7. Remote Vehicle Immobilization

8. Easy Fleet Management for all type of Vehicles

Advantages for Personal Chauffeur driven Vehicles:-

1. Prevention against Fuel Siphoning

2. 24 X 7 Vehicle Tracking

3. SOS Panic Button for Guests and Pillion Rider in Vehicle

4. Remote Vehicle Immobilization

5. Iphone and Android Application to track Vehicle 24 X 7

6. Filtered reports and live Vehicle Information Access using Mobile Application

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