GPS Vehicle Tracking Products for Public Convenience (Garbage Collection Trucks)

Today Vehicle tracking system is not just confined to cargo and transportation industry, in fact the government departments are accepting the importance of telematics products like it was never before. Governments are using vehicle tracking systems for police department for improving road safety and reaction time to reach to crime scene and for civic operations for better functioning of their cities civic amenities. Modern vehicle tracking system are small and easy to install on any type of vehicle and are coupled with easy vehicle tracking software interface to operate and monitor vehicle in real time.


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Recently, Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) started project for installing GPS Vehicle Tracking System for its garbage collection to monitor the movement. The decision came ensuing the complaints of residents that garbage is not collected regularly. To monitor their vehicle movement BMC started a pilot project in 2012 in some parts of the city and now it has decided to implement across city. The project is proposed to get complete in two phase, in first phase, all private contractors garbage collection vehicles will be covered under the project then subsequently BMC owned trucks will be equipped.


“We will now expand the project to other wards. In the pilot project, we faced technical glitches and identified gaps that need to be plugged. For example, data fed into the system kept fluctuating. It was not certain if this was a manual problem or a technical glitch. Now that we have a better understanding with several trial runs, we are expanding the software to all parts of the city,” said Deputy Municipal Commissioner Prakash Patil.


With vehicle tracking system installed on collection trucks, BMC can monitor real time movement of trucks on designated route and it will ensure that collection are done regularly, time taken to reach different points of collection and time it takes to load and unload the garbage.


There are more such advantages of Vehicle Tracking Software products and fleet management software that plays and indispensable role in ensuring the safe and convenient living.


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