GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India

Implementation of GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Business process and for individual usage is getting popular in India. It is not just limited to its implementation is public transport vehicle, rather it is accepted in all type of agencies/companies involved in Transportation, Logistic, Safety and Security etc.



Recently, it is been announced to install GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices in all public transport vehicles in Delhi. But, let’s not get fascinated by 360’ Buzz about Vehicle Tracking, GPS Navigations etc. rather lets apprehend and spread the precise Benefit of GPS Vehicle Tracking System.


What are the Benefits? How it can be helpful? The list begins with the most common benefit yet very important i.e. it gives a Hawk eye to track vehicle during transit of passengers, elders, school children, women etc. across different terrains. You get visibility beyond your line of sight with GPS Vehicle Tracking System. There are many benefits, not just limited to tracking, it comes with added features to give you control of Vehicle remotely. You can immobilize vehicle during any abnormal activity of Vehicle, You can set way points, and you can define a path to be followed by vehicle and many more.


We have summarized the Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking for Corporate as well as Individuals:-


1. Remote Vehicle Tracking

2. Theft Prevention through Remote Vehicle Immobilization

3. Vehicle Information Access (vehicle location, usage and status)

4. Route Management ( Way point Set)

5. Safety and Security for Passengers through SOS Panic Button

6. Fuel Siphoning to safe guard against theft

7. Vehicle Detail and MIS Reporting to understand driving patterns


Application Areas for GPS Vehicle Tracking System: In these solutions, Central vehicle tracking system is installed in the control room to monitor all vehicles that have got GPS Devices installed in them.


1. School Transport / School Bus Fleet Tracking

2. Professional Transport Tracking

3. Travel and Tour Operators Tracking

4. Government Municipal Transport Tracking

5. Police Department Tracking

6. Industrial transport Tracking

7. Defense Services Tracking

8. Personal & Cars Tracking

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