How does GPS Vehicle Tracking System Work?

Vehicle tracking is an IT Driven telematics solution to monitor vehicle on Digital Map with real time information of location, speed, movement and operation. Telematics is an integrated use of Telecommunication and informatics. It is applied in vehicles for monitoring the real time information and controlling them during transit. The signals are transmitted by GPS based Vehicle Tracking System paired with multiple Sensors.

It’s a system which works with convergence of GPS Receivers, GPRS Signals and Information and Communication Technological Infrastructure.

Real Time tracking of Vehicles is done through GPS receivers which provide longitudinal and latitudinal location, which is displayed on Digital map. User friendly Web interface on PC and Mobile could be used to monitor and control Vehicle.

Working of GPS Vehicle Tracking System

It works with convergence of GPS/GPRS and GSM signals. A signal is sent by multiple GPS satellite which covers the globe. Minimum 3 satellites are required to cover the globe. The GPS transmitted signal are received by tracking device installed in all vehicles. These devices can work at high temperatures, could be installed below the steering. The signal received by the tracking device helps GPS satellite to map its exact location and hence the location of vehicle.

The tracking device also fetches information from various sensors installed in vehicle. The information is then transmitted using GSM/GPRS in the form of packets, via cell phone infrastructure, to the Application server for further processing of information. The information packets are transmitted every 15 seconds.

A GPS device is installed in your vehicle with a SIM to transmit information through GPRS.

Sensors are installed in Vehicle which gives signals about the following:-

• Air Conditioner On – Off

• Fuel level in Car

• Ignition of Vehicle

• Door Open – Closed

• Seat Occupied

Live Tracking of Vehicle: – This real time processed information is accessible through Web Interface on PC or Mobile. The real time positions are mapped on City Map and any unwanted activity could be controlled through the interface which gives liberty to immobilize Vehicle by controlling ignition/Fuel ON/OFF.

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