Indian Automotive Sector Pledges to Go-Green

The world is getting increasingly conscious about its nature, environment and surroundings. With so much hullabaloo about Go-Green campaign, Indian automotive sector too has created a buzz by voicing its support in favor of green technologies. It is pertinent to mention here that India’s automobile sector is growing at a fast pace, not just in size and shares but also in popularity at a global platform.

Automotive Sector Pledges to Go-Green

Carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions from on-road vehicles are a threat to the environment as they are adding to the pollution and choking our right to clean air. These harmful gases post serious hazards, is common knowledge, but what is more intriguing is the way our automobile sector is defiant to take on this menace by arming itself with amazing green-technologies!


To take on this growing issue, Indian automotive giants are collaborating with the government and other stakeholders to develop indigenous hybrid & electric vehicles. These environment-friendly vehicles can perfectly substitute as a source of clean public transportation. With government promising aids like reduction of excise duty on development and manufacturing of hybrid and electric vehicles, India roads could soon be flooded with these vehicles paving way for a this new technology with much pomp and show.


Hybrid & electric car manufacturing offers lucrative reasons for heavy investment in India. These vehicles are based on alternate propulsion systems that consists of hybrid as well as electric drives. This is pumping hope into the industry as well as people to expect alternate fuel transportation in the coming times. Thus, OEMs and prominent associated players should be willing to alter their platforms and
business operations in support of different fuel technologies like PHEV and electric. This change is certain to force different manufacturers to modulate their nuclear business processes to make way new age, eco friendly and non internal combustion engine vehicles.


Various Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emitted from vehicles as well as the rest of the automobile sector have played a pivotal role in our climate change. To curb this threatening demon and to make this world a liveable place for all, different manufacturers are adopting means that actively help mitigate the emission of these dangerous gases and thus keep the climate-change under check!


Sustainable mobility is yet another area of concern for the entire automotive fraternity. Depleting fossil fuel reserves and growing carbon emissions in the last few years have triggered all to think about alternate sources of mobility. Besides, the rising fuel costs is also attributing to new innovations wherein OEMs are creating progressive & groundbreaking designs and developing vehicles that run on alternative fuel. These OEMs are evolving engines that support engine efficiency and are in line with the fraternity’s and government’s Go-Green campaign conformity and guidelines.


It is amazing that not just the ground based transportation segment but also Aerospace & Defense industry is taking every bit of this challenge, seriously! It’s good news for Indian skies as OEMs and vendors dealing in airplanes are curiously working and directing their energies in the evolution of aircrafts equipped with greater energy efficiencies and larger lifespans.


Some other effective measures to go green include green procurement that includes green supply chain, Life Cycle Assessment comprising carbon footprint prediction during the life span of the product and EOL management for proper waste disposal & RRR (Reuse, recover & recycle).


But these efforts and dreams are susceptible and can die a slow and painful death if all of us do not unite for this noble cause. The onus does not rest only with the government or the manufacturers. The responsibility also lies with common people like you and me. Unless we understand the gravity of the situation and vow to contribute in simple ways, we can not offer a green environment to our future generations. We can add to this campaign by using public transportation, car pooling, walking or using eco friendly vehicles like bicycles as much as possible to reduce the burden of pollution on the environment. Remember no efforts go waste, no matter how small they are!