Inter State Transporters: Leap ahead with more than GPS Tracking!

Inter State Transporters are a community exposed to risks more often than not. Since their core job is to take care of logistics and transportation, a lot is at stake, which certainly translates to more than goodwill. Exposed to volatility and fickle environment it is important that they take steps far advanced technology solutions than the basic one.


Effective Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Penultimate focus should be on the following things:

  • Remote Vehicle Immobilization for Theft Protection
  • Panic Button for Driver Protection
  • SOS Emergency Alarms for Load Protection
  • Prevent Fuel Siphoning/Theft using Fuel Sensors
  • Temp Monitoring to Ensure Safe Transport of Perishable Goods
  • Dumper Engine Tracking to Ensure Continual Rotation of Dumber Carrying Concrete
  • Trailer Tracking for Hypersensitive Goods


Expand the search for newest tech offerings


GPS tracker is not limit GPS tracking devices alone and offers a lot more than joining dots on two different locations. Some of the newest must-haves available under its new gambit include:


1. Theft Protection using Vehicle immobilization:  Vehicle Immobilizer is a great way of preventing your vehicles from being stolen. You can remotely control the vehicle ignition in case of contingencies using a Web app or a Vehicle tracking Mobile App. It will help you in securing your vehicles in unattended parking lots.


2. Panic Button to Enhance Driver Safety: Panic Buttons can be installed for safeguarding the interests of drivers who during contingencies and emergencies can press it to pass on the distress message. This features allows drivers as well as vehicle safety.


3. SOS Emergency Alarms for Load Safety: SOS trigger in case of unscheduled/unwanted intrusion into the Load container.  When the door opens/shuts accidentally or intentionally, in both cases an alarm will go across all the application support and operation centers. Additional features allow sensors and alerts to ensure that safety of the goods to the maximum. Alerts issued as soon as an unauthorized door lock or door close is detected.


4. Prevent Fuel Siphoning: You never know the vehicle mileage which your driver reporting might actually is not the real one!! Yes, it is very important to keep a check on refueling and intentional fuel theft by driver while on transit. Moreover in case of unnoticed leakage of oil through oil tanker, the remote operational manager can get an immediate alarm on Smartphone app as to safeguard the vehicle as well as driver against possible hazards.


5. Temperature Sensors: Temperature Sensors can be installed to monitor temperatures and control the same. With these kind of sensors connected with your GPS tracking device, you can remotely control and regulate the temperatures of the container as per suitability of the goods being transported.


6. Way-Point Setting: Using the way-point feature in your vehicle tracking software app, you can ensure trailer tracking on the right track and issue warnings at the right time. This will prevent hypersensitive goods from falling prey to wrong routes/temperature/situations. This will ensure such goods reach their destination in perfect shape.


7. Detention Management: Detention Management component helps regulate detention time and billing, thus streamline the process and prevent heavy losses. You can keep a check on driver movement, stopping time, movement time so as to ensure the delivery of goods within designated time.


8. Automated Field Checks during Waypoints: Automated field checks pave way for tracking the yards. Alerts issued every time a vehicle moves or stops in the yards. Saves time and manual efforts a great deal.


9. Virtual Vehicle Connect: This features paves way for the fleet operators to synchronize their vehicles virtually. Alerts issues if the vehicles are separated circumstantially.  This features can be very useful for cash transport vehicle, trailer tracking carrying vehicles from manufacturing plant to common destination dealer.  Allows the operators to keep an eye on the vehicle movement and at the same time drivers can use the services and connect with one another during unprecedented circumstances and contingencies.