Mobile Fleet Management Solution For Busy Fleet Managers

Mobility for business is new mantra these days to save time and effort. It is been backed by the rapid advancement in mobile technologies, smart device and better cellular infrastructure which works in tandem and assists a user to carry out multiple office tasks of exchanging information and communication while on the move. Similarly the IT Service providers have leveraged the mobility platform to develop Fleet management Solution by porting their existing systems into hand-held devices which have given liberty to fleet managers to manage complex tasks assigning and tracking while on the move.

Fleet Management mobility solution is nothing but the mobile application to manage fleet of vehicle that works on smart devices. It provides the real time data and has given a whole new dimension to manage the fleet anytime, anywhere. Similar to conventional fleet management application that works of desktop computers, the mobile solutions are equivalent useful powered with full set of features and information that can be accessed and which is especially liked by the busy fleet managers. With this mobility platform, fleet managers can handle rerouting, can monitor vehicle movement, immobilize vehicle in case of theft or perform different activities to increase the productivity and maximum profits.


Just by monitoring real time movement, fleet managers can provide better alternative to the existing route to vehicle and communicate the same to the customers. Similarly the fleet management application is helpful for end customers of fleet management companies and transporters. The customer can track down current location and the expected time of arrival for his stock or load that is been given to transporters for transit from once place to other.


Benefits of Mobile Fleet Management Solution :


Better Route Planning: With Mobile fleet management system, mapping and rerouting are much easier as fleet managers can constantly monitor the fleets and provide updates to customers and if required, can directly instruct driver to opt for better route if the designated route have problem. It improves not only passage time but reduce the travel time with better route planning.


Improve Productivity : Better route planning and constantly monitoring of the fleet, by mobile fleet management system, have positive effect on productivity as customer get information of their cargo and efficient route instruction to vehicle, which results in less fuel consumption, safer delivery and increase vehicle service life.


Satisfied Customer: Constant information of dispatch gives customer assurance of timely and safely delivery of consignment.