Need of safety and security features in School Bus

Running and managing a school successfully is a challenging task. It is the responsibility of School Authorities to ensure security of children within the School Campus as well as in School Transportation while the students are picked up and dropped off from their respective bus stops. In the wake of recent events, reaching school and coming back home safely has become a concern for both the parents and School Authorities.


As we all know, mishap can occur in a blink of eyes. So, who will be responsible if anything happens to a student?


Parents want to provide good education to their children without compromising their safety and security. So, they prefer a School that can ensure quality education with Safety and Security of the child.
Prevention of untoward incidents could be  ensured by placing cameras at strategic positions within school premises that can capture all the activities taking place in the campus. A dedicated Admin/ Security personnel can monitor the campus through these cameras during the working hours of the school till the last staff leaves the campus. In such a situation, an alarm could be raised in case any suspicious activity or untoward incident is spotted.


But what about the safety of children while they are in school bus or van? We get to read and hear news about various road accidents involving school buses and vans due to over speeding, route diversions, ill-driving practices, etc. The frequency of such incidents have risen these days. Drivers are found violating traffic rules trying to rush drive through traffic jams by adopting the practices of harsh braking, sudden acceleration, zig-zag driving, etc. causing risk to the children inside the vehicles. So, what should we do to ensure the safety of our children using school transport?


To avoid such mishaps, the school management needs to integrate some technological features to their school transport to ensure safety and security of children and to track, report, and avoid any kind of suspicious activity or accidental conditions.


safety and security features in School Bus


Here, the question is what kind of security features and solutions the school transport authorities should install?


The answer to this question is an integrated School Transportation Management Solution. The school management must implement a full-fledged School Transportation Management Solution that can ensure safety of students as well as vehicles and will also encourage optimum utilization of their resources and decrease operational cost.


What features should a good school transportation system have?


Vehicle Tracking System: A full-fledged GPS system in-place must be able to track, monitor and report in Real-Time. There can also be a Mobile/Tablet integration for easy navigation. Features like Auto-Route Optimization, diversion alerts, etc. can be an added advantage.


Attendance Management and reporting: An automated attendance register can be integrated to keep records of students, drivers and staff as well can schedule duties for drivers and staff through Trip Scheduling feature. It can also keep a record of vehicle maintenance and validation schedules.


Safety Solutions: To ensure the safety and security of children, School Transportation Management Solution must include features like:


  • RFID Integration: Automatic information system for parents and Security Officer through Mobile/ Web-Application, SMS Alerts providing updates about boarding and de-boarding by the student. Also, alerts of records of driver, conductors and staff managing a particular bus to parents and school administration will further enhance the security.
  • Panic Button: Panic Button (for students and driver) that can be pressed in emergency cases to alert the school administrators and parents through SMS Commands, Web-Applications and In-App Notifications in order to take necessary precautions.
  • Alerts and Alarms for speed limit violation, unauthorized access and break-ins.
  • Comprehensive Features like vehicle immobilizer, Bus-Stoppage Declaration and Announcement could enhance the travel experience.


A Smart-Solution with all the above serviceability will provide a sense-of-control and satisfaction to the school administration and parents. Parents won’t need to worry any more for their childrens’ safety. They can completely focus on their academics and co-curricular development of their children.


So, choose a solution-provider that can deliver all of the above functionality in a single Smart-Solution.


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