News Digest : GPS Vehicle Tracking

Mumbai : Soon GPS, GPRS enabled Taxis and Autos.


Mumbai Metropolitan Region will soon have Global Positioning System (GPS) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) installed taxis and autos on road. As one transport official quoted “we plan to include installation of GPS and GPRS. GPS vehicle tracking system will be required for new permits that will be issued by the state government “


Delhi: Without GPS Buses challaned and may get there permit cancelled.


Since March 2013, it is compulsory in Delhi to have GPS installed in all private buses including school buses. Over 10,000 registered buses in delhi received challans for failure to comply as per order. Mr P.K Goel, Transport Commissioner informed that not installing GPS will lead to permit cancellations.


Bangalore: Ambulance and Fire Brigades will be GPS enabled.


Soon Fire brigades and Ambulance in Bangalore city will be fitted with GPS and other devices which enable them to get green signal all through there route. Pilot project is already started, and will be extended to entire ambulance and fire brigade fleet. GPS will enable to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle; subsequent information of location will be communicated through secured radio installed on intersections.


India: Telematics market will be more than 113 Million by the year 2018:


Telematics has become fastest growing segment, because of increasing number of accident, growing number of vehicle theft and need for navigation system, etc. Compare to other markets, India is in its nascent stage but expected to be one of the fastest growing market in the next five years.


According to 6Wresearch, India telematics market is expected to reach $113.7 million by 2018, growing at 22.8% from 2013-2018. This report provides detailed study of the trends, opportunities/high growth areas, market dynamics which will help the stakeholders to device.