What should Point to Point Taxi, Cab and Car Rental Service Provider do to enhance Women Safety?

Unfortunately, because of various incidents that had happened against the women, the capital city – Delhi has been tagged as “Unsafe for Women”. One thing which is common in all those incidents of women harassment are the security and safety lapses because of poor work management, compromising business processes, unverified drivers and absence of technological safety features.


We have been spreading knowledge about safety concerns and how to overcome the same especially in transportation business. We would like to highlight the necessary requirements for companies involved in transportation services, cab services, point to point taxi services to avoid unsolicited incidents with women during services:


Technological Intervention: Relevant Govt. agencies has ordered for installing GPS Tracking Devices yet the organization flout the legal guidelines which raise security concerns. The Tracking device can help in avoiding the crime against women thus save the organization from unnecessary hassle and shame of poor standards. Here are few advantages you get with GPS Tracking devices:

  1. Real Time Vehicle Tracking
  2.  SOS Panic Button for Women and Children at Rear Seat
  3.  Way-Point Setting
  4.  Geo Fencing

Business Intelligence and Reporting: In a bid to cut cost and increase profits, organization try to compromise with business operations with name sake technology infrastructure. No business can ensure safety without well informed reporting and analysis. The companies involved in transportation business, point-to-point taxi services and car rental services must regularly check the driving patterns, heat maps, rule breaks and other activities that may cause delinquency in future.


A well informed IT Enabled solution, back-end server and intelligent integrated mechanism can help in bringing actionable insights for organizations to avoid crimes. Here are the reports you can look for:

  1. Driver Rule Break sheet
  2.  Driving Habits (During Day and Night)
  3.  Discipline with timing
  4.  Drivers Route Preferences
  5.  Complaints
  6.  Customer Reviews for Driving Patterns etc.

Driver Registration, Validation and Verification: Because of recent incident involving leading Car Rental Company which showed lapses in background verification of driver, the companies have started looking for agencies that can register, validate and verify the Driver info and maintain their biometric records to track them as and when required. Hamari Suraksha is one such agency that create biometric records and ID Cards with QR Code to track and verify the driver identity.


Over and above it is our unanimous duty to keep a check on abnormal driver activity and immediately raise an alarm so as to avoid delinquency, especially against women. The companies should also understand their responsibility towards society beyond just thinking for growth and profits. We would certainly like to engage with Cab Service Provider, Transportation Companies and Taxi & Car Rental companies towards establishing a more secure and safe system that can help us avoid the crime against women.