Route Optimization for Curbing fuel Expenses!!

With surging Fuel Prices dependent on Global demand, the portion of spending on fuel in our budget is increasing day by day. Since after the government had decontrolled petrol price in June 2010, the only way left out for mango people of India to cut spending on fuel consumption is to efficiently use the resources dependent on Fuel. It is not just driving less help you reduce fuel expenses, you may follow approaches to share resources, optimize route, understand patterns and alternate mediums to reduce your fuel expenses.

Following are the tips to Reduce Fuel Expenses:-

1. Optimize the Route Plan

Let’s find out a better way to reach our destination. Its not always a shorter route is efficient. Little smartness can help you find more efficient route for you even it may be longer in distance. Road with congested traffic or a jam packed road at peak hours may consume lot of time and vehicle fuel than a bit long route with minimalist traffic. It is all about understanding all possible routes for a destination. With simple consciousness on happenings around, one can take a better decision while driving on road:-

A. Understand Rush Hour: During rush hour, even following shorter route consume more time than usually the longer routes. Try and understand the route as per time.

B. Adjust Timings: You may always think to adjust your timings of travel on a particular route as per requirement. If it is in hand try to adjust office timings against the peak hours.

C. Find out all possible routes: Be smart enough to check all possible routes between destinations on Google map. It may always help you avoid congested road and traffic jams. If you are a transporter or individual with multiple vehicles, it becomes significantly important for you to think seriously for optimizing the route for daily travel plan. At the same time, it becomes very difficult also, to contact each and every vehicle for status. Managing shared resources in urban traffic chaos is in itself a challenge.One need to understand which vehicle is the best one to be assigned a job while on the move. All these require automation and rightly provided by fleet management solutions. 20th Century is a fuel economy and everything (performance & Profits) depends on spending on fuel. The efficient utilization of shared resources can help cut spending on fuel, saving time, managing resources and bringing uniformity in assigning jobs.

FleetRobo – Fleet Management Solutions are the IT Enabled Software Solutions to streamline End to End Fleet Management Activities!!

2. Share Driving

We need not take our vehicle even for a distance we can prefer a walk and can travel on shared resources. Two ways of sharing are:-

A. Car Pooling: It is trending good in urban cities and proving to be quality option for commuting to office on daily basis. The safety can be insured by selecting the appropriate pool from registered and authorized car pooling service providers.

B. Public Transportation: It is always the best option to follow public transit when it is conveniently available. The introduction of Delhi Metro have set standard for Quality ride one deserve and seek in modern world.

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