Save Time, Fuel and Cost with Fleet Management Software Solution

“Time is an essence”, the phrase is very relevant in competitive business landscape and fast pace life where we are flooded with enormous information and we feel paucity of time to analyse and utilise it for business decision making for growth and profitability. Similarly, ever increasing fuel prices is one more critical factor and an area of concern that can greatly affect the business profitability. Both these factors compound largely for any organisation involved in transportation or in regular fleet management activities. These factors are important because of dependability of fleet operators on it, to provide seamless and cost effective services.

In order to overcome and transform these factors in favour to increase productivity and profitability, Fleet Management software solutions, automatic dispatching solution and GPS vehicle Tracking solution plays an important role. The basic idea of having Fleet management system in first place is to provide best available solution to fleet owners and people who are managing the fleet to have complete control over the vehicle while on transit from one place to another.


Fleet management solution provide best possible route planning, with the help of GPS and mapping application for shortest and possibly better available roads for timely delivery of cargo. With real time data available at the hands of fleet managers and the fleet owners, they can access the accurate view of their dispatches, which helps in saving precious time. It also helps in curbing the wear and tear of the vehicles using better route planning by thoroughly analysing previous trip related information and data and thereby avoiding bad and congested roads with better planning.


In-built sensor alerts and reports help in safe and secure transportation of perishable goods in cargo and hence ensure timely delivery. It’s a win-win situation for both fleet owners and their customers because of scheduled departure and arrival of cargo without any time delays. With smart route planning and information access of vehicle, fleet managers gets a competitive edge to avoid vehicle breakdowns, unnecessary stoppages and time delays, which helps in saving lot of valuable time, even in eventuality, the secondary vehicle can be dispatched to avoid delays.


Better management of fleet routes results in huge difference in fuel consumption as the best and shortest available routes planned to avoid delays and unnecessary stoppages saves lot of fuel consumption for vehicle. Operational cost which is directly proportional for fuel cost also reduces. The overheads and reduced vehicle breakdowns helps in saving time and money both. All these factors eventually help organisation to lower down the cost, increase the productivity and profitability for long term success.