Self-Drive Car Rental Services: Ditch the obvious, make a cut beyond!

Self drive car rental service is a flourishing business in the service industry today. The idea behind this service is to offer cars-for-hire to people on a temporary basis for a short period of time ranging from a few hours to few weeks. The target group for this service are predominantly travellers, visitors on a trip in a new city and the ones whose vehicles are damaged for use (at least for now). This concept is very popular in the West and India is fast catching up to its western counterparts thanks to the ever evolving, fast paced technology. Tech innovations push this industry on the platforms of magnificence and scope to enhance customer services with better safety, security and processes. Dynamic nature of technology is giving this business that much required safety and trust with the commuters to lend their vehicles without any physical companion. A reason why several car rental companies are mushrooming up this quickly!


Self Drive Car rental

We will talk about the obvious for Self Drive Car Rental Business and also the advanced technological solutions and add-ons with plain vanilla tracking solutions to make a successful business in India!


Beyond Plain vanilla Tracking

“Basics and Beyond” – Though a feasible business solution and a well planned marketing strategy is essential to keep this business going, certain tech offerings are an indispensable part of the car-rental service industry. But the need of the hour is to look beyond the obvious and identify the “must go” business processes/tools to ensure the successful self-drive car rental business:


Booking tool – Are you counting it as Under Dog for your Car Rental Business?

A car rental service is meaningless until it has a progressive booking system in place. Customers today prefer to book on the go. Therefore, it is imperative that a car rental service provider has a modern booking tool and omnipresence on web and mobile with smooth interface up and running. Booking tool for Self Drive Car rental business can be very critical in identifying the previous history of customer and build intelligence on its past driving patterns. It can help you amending rules and introduce customer usage policies for various category of customers to improve the business output.


GPS – But obvious the spinal cord of any transportation business!

GPS or Global Positioning System is a must-have for all the cars that need to be rented out to customers. GPS navigation has become technically advanced today. It can help you communicate with Users on real time basis to ensure safety of your vehicle as well as the Self Drive commuters. An advanced Telematics solutions for Self Drive car rental business can enhance the user experience by latest information updates and communication messages using an Android interface sighting various facilities like hospitals, schools, banks, filling stations, restaurants, and tourist attractions available on the route.


Fleet Management System – The mammoth solutions to automate the business process

Rental Management System is another essential for a car rental service provider. Various car rental management solutions are available in the market that are qualitatively supreme and factually accurate. Having a state-of-the-art solution is important to manage and track accounts, car rental transactions, and rental records. It is also paramount in terms of tracking vehicular movements and vehicular contracts.


“Time to understand the need of an hour and transit from mundane to remarkable” : Beyond an iota of doubt, car rental service is incomplete without the above mentioned, yet there is a need to take that tech leap. If one wants the business to grow and expand profitably, then the service providers need to verify all potential threats looming over this industry and take some pro-active steps.  To become an extraordinary from mundane, one need to incorporate add-ons sensors that can generate alerts and empower you to get control over the vehicles:


  • Vehicle Immobilizer: It is foremost and useful component/add-on with GPS tracking solution for a self-drive car rental business to ensure safety of vehicle driven by an unknown. It is imperative to ensure the safety of your vehicles with remote immobilization capacity which can cease down your vehicle movement when it is sensed in wrong hands.


  • Geofencing: Technology is evolving to a new high and one of the best things to happen to car rental services is the availability of Vehicle Management. It now is easy for car owners to check the undesirable vehicle movement and mismanagement of their cars. The use of Geofencing gets you instant alerts for breaking the boundary rules set for any particular movement.


  • Fuel Monitoring: Fuel Monitoring gets a boost with fuel sensors making way into the car rental services. It is definitely a great relief to the car drivers as well as the rental company to monitor the consumption of fuel through the journey so as to ensure safe transit and reduce hassle.


  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System: This is a new standard well accepted within this industry. It includes the installation of pressure sensors on the wheels of the vehicles. It helps in warning the driver of under or over inflation of tire pressure using the transducer. Important as it warns about the exact pressure needed to keep the vehicle moving and ensure better mileage. It can be very useful to avoid any unwarranted accidents.


There are in-numerous numbers of industry specific add-ons/sensors are available to solve the intricate challenges dealt by transportation business in achieving the much required profitability and growth. We hope that our opinion was useful and would be happy to address any sought of query you have!