Say Hello to Taxi Management Solution: Here’s Why!

The need of the hour is to have an intelligent taxi management solution in place that is equipped to help manage fleet in the best possible way. Fleet Management is one of the pain areas of businesses, which are associated in transportation and logistics industry. After all, isn’t keeping a manual count and track of all the vehicles dispersed across different geographic locations highly challenging? Keeping this fact on mind various software development companies have developed innovative and highly effective solutions that not only help in the management of fleet but also track vehicles in real time.

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Are You Trip Ready This Holiday Season?

Holy Lord bless us! The most awaited winter holiday season is here. It’s time to take that long awaited family trip of the year to unwind, relax, mingle and just have pure fun in the company of and with people that you love. What’s more? You love to drive into the wilderness amid the sweet sounds of your family members and cherish the present moment. So are you trip ready? Well, we understand that you can hardly contain your excitement at this point in time, but we like to spread a word of caution. There are a few not-to-miss steps that should necessarily precede your family holiday.

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Indian Automotive Sector Pledges to Go-Green

The world is getting increasingly conscious about its nature, environment and surroundings. With so much hullabaloo about Go-Green campaign, Indian automotive sector too has created a buzz by voicing its support in favor of green technologies. It is pertinent to mention here that India’s automobile sector is growing at a fast pace, not just in size and shares but also in popularity at a global platform.

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What should Point to Point Taxi, Cab and Car Rental Service Provider do to enhance Women Safety?

Unfortunately, because of various incidents that had happened against the women, the capital city – Delhi has been tagged as “Unsafe for Women”. One thing which is common in all those incidents of women harassment are the security and safety lapses because of poor work management, compromising business processes, unverified drivers and absence of technological safety features.

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Emerging Demand for Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking System in Mumbai & Pune

Mumbai, the financial capital of the India and magnet for people around the world to visit or earn their lively hood, makes it one of the most congested and heavily populated cities in the world. People from all zones of Mumbai including those who live in the periphery of Mumbai city are largely dependent on Public Transportation. Lot of people are dependent on ubiquitous black and yellow Taxi/Auto Services, Rental Cars, and BEST Public Transpiration and Dial a Cab service provider.

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Growing Trends In Fleet Management System Market

Though in nascent stages in Indian market, fleet management system is growing fast,specially in metro cities like Delhi NCR, part of this because of emerging private taxi and cab operation business. Also government regulations for installing tracking devices to ensure safety and security in public transportation system and for efficient commercial transportation has given opportunity to IT Companies to invest time and money to develop a robust and reliable business solution.

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4 things you should see in Fleet Management Software

1. Robust Application

2. Complete Solution

3. Customizable

4. Service and Up Gradation

Robust Application: The software you are selection for your enterprise fleet, it should be robust and must be capable enough to work seamlessly in big data environment. If it is a web application, it should be fast (Minimum Load time) with capability of real time data access and up gradation.

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Fleet Management Software System

Fleet Management is not a jargon to denote Fleet Monitoring and Control (Vehicle Tracking and vehicle dispatching) only. It is a much broader term that encompasses all related activities that help in managing vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management, customer record management and health & safety management. It is a challenge in itself to manage the plethora of activities involved manually. If you are not able to manage it effectively, believe me, you will be losing somewhere and hampering your business landscape!!

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Fine Tune Your Vehicle for Better Performance

 Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management

a. Proper Inflated Tyre
Under inflated: The under inflated Tyre increases drag on car and therefore it requires more fuel. The Tyre gets heated and increases rolling resistance there by require more push to maintain speed therefore require more fuel consumption. Properly inflated Tyre may increase efficiency by up to 3 %. You may check in 1-2 week, the proper Tyre pressure usually mentioned below side of car door.
Over Inflated Tyre: The over inflated Tyre pose risk of vehicle handling while turning on road as it reduces grip. It causes insufficient traction and increases wear of Tyre from Center. When vehicle is loaded, it is benefit able sometimes when it is proportionate to the load on vehicle. It’s always good to maintain right pressure as per the load on the vehicle.

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