UBI: A bonanza for Insurance Companies

Technology has made its remark in every field which somehow seemed impossible once. Whether its day to day life simplifying gadgets, or reaching Mars, technological advancements has left its imprint in every field. Likewise, with the boom of technology, Telematics and IoT devices has become an indispensable asset to automate industries. Telematics and IoT industry is not limited with keeping attendance records or tracking your resources but has been leaving its mark way beyond that.

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Inter State Transporters: Leap ahead with more than GPS Tracking!

Inter State Transporters are a community exposed to risks more often than not. Since their core job is to take care of logistics and transportation, a lot is at stake, which certainly translates to more than goodwill. Exposed to volatility and fickle environment it is important that they take steps far advanced technology solutions than the basic one.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking – Cars, Trucks, Load Vehicles & School Buses

Scenario is getting changed! Safety and Security of Vehicle along with Passenger as well as load is becoming primary objective for all type of enterprises. The demand as well as need both is proportionately increasing for GPS Car Tracking System.

Be it a Transportation Company (Cab Service Provider) or Enterprise with Big Fleet of Cars, or an individual car owner with chauffeur Driven Vehicle, its is becoming important for everyone to deploy GPS Car Tracking System to ensure safe transit of Passengers, proper handling of Vehicle, effective utilization of shared resources and prevention against fuel siphoning and theft.

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How GPS vehicle Tracking System Work ?

GPS Vehicle tracking system works with syndication of electronic device installed in vehicle, or fleet of vehicle with ICT (Information and communication technology) Infrastructure. The electronic device with GPS receivers installed in Vehicle helps to define the latitudinal and longitudinal degree of location, while they receive signals from satellite. The locational data and other information is sent to the base station (where the server and purpose-designed computer software are developed and installed) to collect and arrange all the information.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking and GPS Navigation

Often, the term GPS Tracking and GPS Navigation are mingled and used indifferently in describing them as solution for Car Security and Safety. Few consider it overlapping terms and can be quiet baffling in understanding it precise utility.

Both GPS Vehicle Tracking System and GPS Navigation System use GPS or GLONASS technology for locating the vehicle. Both make use of data sent and received via satellites that orbit our earth, but are packaged in two different ways. The applications may be different but the underlining ICT Infrastructure and Architecture is same. Both use satellites to pinpoint the whereabouts of you or your vehicle.

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