Taxi Dispatching Software

Taxi dispatching is a concept where the location of a vehicle is determined using GPS and location information is transmitted through Network infrastructure with GPRS enabled Network SIM. The mechanism is governed by Software system which identifies Taxi nearest to the customer and based on intelligent business rules; it automatically assigns the job to the chauffeur. This Automatics Dispatching Software Solution is boon for Cab Service Providers and Taxi Service Providers as it:-

1. Saves Time in Assigning the Job: Comparing to manual process, Automatic Taxi Dispatching software are much more efficient and save lot of time.

2. Saves Resources: You don’t need to appoint extra resources to locate and assign the job to chauffeurs in the field.

3. Is Hassle Free: The margin for error is minimalistic as the software works in defined manner. It automatically manages all the activities to ensure Taxi Dispatching.

4. Provides Instant Response to Customer: Customer gets instant SMS for their request and gets confirmation automatically through SMS and email.

5. Assign Job Uniformly: The Intelligent Business Rules can ensure uniform job assignment and helps to understand individual performance.

6. Enhance customer Satisfaction: What could be more satisfying when you don’t have to do follow-ups for the confirmation and the speedy process automatically updates the customer, driver and operator instantly. It doesn’t leave any gap which enhances service Delivery for the Customer and thus provides satisfaction.

Application of Automatic Taxi Dispatching

1. Fleet Management: Automatic Taxi Dispatching is powerful software for vehicle dispatch which streamlines the processes to make them hassle free which helps in effective fleet management.

2. Field Chauffeur Management: Companies working in renting services and involved in providing services with shared resources, the automatic dispatching solution is the best pick for Business Process Management.

3. BPO Companies: The automatic dispatching can be used by BPO Companies for employee pick-up and Drop-in. It can reduce the waiting time and ensures timely pick-up and drop-in for employees.

Taxi Management solution caters to end-to-end needs of Radio Taxi Vendors which begins from Idle Vehicle Identification and automatic dispatch based on intelligent Business rules.

Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solutions:-

Fleet Robo offers advanced dispatching solution and leading software for end to end fleet management solution for Car Rental Companies. We offer E2E solution comprising all modules right from Customer Call Record Management to Billing and Invoices.

Features of E2E Fleet Management Solutions offered:-

1. Call Record Management

2. Automatic vehicle Dispatching

3. Remote Vehicle Tracking

4. 24 X 7 Call Center Support

5. Vehicle Tracking iPhone Application

6. Fleet Maintenance Record

7. Automotive Insurance Management

8. Billing and Invoices

9. MIS Reporting

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