Tips to reduce fuel Consumption!!

With surging Fuel Prices dependent on Global demand, the portion of spending on fuel in our budget is increasing day by day. Since after the government had decontrolled petrol price in June 2010, the only way left out for mango people of India to cut spending on fuel consumption is to efficiently use the resources dependent on Fuel.

Following are the tips to Reduce spending on Fuel Consumption:-

1. Share Driving

We need not take our vehicle even for a distance we can prefer a walk and can travel on shared resources. Two ways of sharing are:-

Car Pooling:

Car pooling can help cut down global consumption of fuel by more than 50%.

Public Transportation:

Travelling on Public transport can reduce the global fuel consumption and help you save your money also. For convenient route, one can opt for public transit also.

2. Optimize the Route Plan

Route optimization can be done through conscience by analyzing the various traffic scenarios. It is in actual we follow sub consciously while selecting the best route to reach in time to office. It could be done through software in case of management of multiple vehicles. Following things can help you find out the best route for travel:-

Understand Rush Hour:

During rush hour, even following shorter route consume more time than usually the longer routes. Try and understand the route as per time.

Adjust Timings:

You may always think to adjust your timings of travel on a particular route as per requirement. If it is in hand try to adjust office timings against the peak hours.

Find out all possible routes: Be smart enough to check all possible routes between destinations on Google map. It may always help you avoid congested road and traffic jams.

3. Drive efficiently

Giving a personal care to your vehicle not only increase its life but also can help reduce daily running cost. You may reduce up to 30% of fuel consumption with simple driving etiquettes. We can maintain appropriate speed, acceleration without over revving, slow down vehicle instead of braking, avoid idling of vehicle etc.

There are fleet management solutions and vehicle tracking system to check the speed, handling of chauffeur driven vehicle during transit.

4. Fine Tune your Vehicle Performance

Fleet Management Software can help you manage preventive maintenance record that may help you optimize the resources. The Proper management can not only help increase the efficiency but also help you find possible and existing reasons for breakdown and downfall.You may enhance vehicle performance through preventive maintenance. You can set alerts for timely check for Tyre air pressure, allowed load limit, Ac on/off at various speed levels, timely vehicle servicing etc.

FleetRobo – Fleet Management Solutions are the end to end solution for managing vehicle effectively and efficiently. It is an IT enabled Solution that streamlines day to day process of managing, controlling and maintaining the fleet of vehicle for continuously running.

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