Vehicle Tracking Application for iPhone

Life is very dynamic these days. If at some point of time we are in office, another time we are required to move into the field for the meeting. I am specifically talking about the transport companies those are involved in Enterprise Fleet Management Services. To sustain and lead the completion in market, one always have to be on toes to find and grab the maximum number of Business Opportunities and believe me its not that much simple when you are always engrossed with recurring problems and conflicts in fleet operation processes in office.

Business Development is not just the only way-out to grow your Business. You need to ensure 100% output from everyone who is involved in providing transportation services. Be it a timely reporting of driver, safe transit of passenger, time bound delivery of load, Uniform dispatching of vehicles, Reporting and calculation by MIS department or Customer Feedback and Satisfaction, you need to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency to be a successful leader.

Vehicle Tracking Application for iPhone

You must be confused, what is the solution for it? Whether the General Manager should sit in office and look at operations or try and find new business avenues? Certainly we have a solution. Fleet Robo – Vehicle Tracking Application for iPhone!! This is one such application with which you can manage hundreds of vehicle so easily that you will not be in worry next time in meeting with prospective business partner or client. We understood that fleet management software and solutions have increased the efficiency in Business Processes but there is a solution required for the senior level management members to fulfill gaps to enhance productivity and profits for the organization. Only then you can think to be a leader in transportation industry.

Fleet Robo Vehicle Tracking Application can be accessed through iPhone and iPad both.

With this application you can:-

1. Track real time location of chauffeur driven vehicles

2. Follow whereabouts of your trucks and cars during transit.

3. Locate you lost and stolen Vehicles

4. Track and monitor the movement your valuable assets. Anytime!! Anywhere!!


1. Real Time Vehicle Tracking

2. Track Multiple Vehicles

3. Intuitive Fleet Mapping on Digitized Map

4. Info graphic Location Display

5. Playback History

6. Light weight Web Service Call

Sooner this application will be launched on Google App Store. Not just iPhone, we have the same application for Android Smartphone users and sooner it will be launched for Windows Phone users and Blackberry users.

Harness the potentially of Mobile Apps for your business to Access Information and Control Vehicles On the Go!! Anytime!! Anywhere!!

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