Vehicle Tracking Software for Transportation Industry (part -2)

Let’s do an interesting activity! You write down Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for your business in below table:-

Try to populate the list for each of the above requirement. It’s not as easy to find out things!!

As per well know saying,” The difference between success and failure for a business is, understanding about Strength and Weaknesses.” SWOT Analysis helps you in taking right decision for the same you should have precise data. “Data” helps you process it as information to build knowledge about the business. Eventually, a knowledgeable person is more certain about its action and can take better decision.

I ask you a question, “Where is your Vehicle right now?” If you are thinking to call to your driver, believe me 70% of the time, the answer will not be genuine!!

The competition is so much that you have chance to bargain to buy software solutions with packages on per vehicle basis. It requires slight research and time to think for betterment of the business. The are vendor who offer web solution which can help you track vehicle 24 X 7 remotely using a desktop or laptop with internet connection.

The software application is so much easy to operate. The transporters are well fond of expensive Smartphones and know all the features to use it for entertainment and communication. Believe me, the software applications are much easier than smartphone to use. Moreover, there are Vehicle tracking applications available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry Smartphones.

Believe me, over the period of time, after using the software solution for Vehicle Tracking, you will feel your Businesses process more streamlined and structured. It will reduce the expenditures and thereby contribute to overall profitability of the Business. In order to survive in ever increasing Business Competition you need to equip your business with solutions than increases operation efficiency and profitability.

Benefits for Automotive Transportation Industry of Vehicle Tracking Software Solution

1. There are Software packages that can be customized as per your individual business needs.

2. If you are in business of transporting perishable goods, you can get additional features that not only will track vehicle but will indicate about the temperature of the load container so that the goods are delivered safely.

3. Lot many time, there is siphoning of milk from milk container while transit from one place to another. Special sensors can be installed to check siphoning of the same. You can use the sensors to check against fuel siphoning also.

4. Track the vehicle 24 X 7 and deviation from original route plan for the vehicle.

5. Fight against vehicle theft with remote vehicle immobilization.

6. Timely reporting and delivery of goods that enhance Customer Services thereby bring Customer Delight.

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