Vehicle Tracking Software for Transportation Industry

If someone ask me what is the future of Automotive Transport Companies in India, what will be my answer? I will say something to improve the operational efficiency. Road transport is the life line of India as on daily basis; it is responsible for majority transportation of goods across state borders.

The answer to the above Question is, “Smart Technological Intervention in Operation Process”. Now, what does it means? We know, in India, the transportation Business is been quiet old and in today’s time also, the orthodox methods are used to manage the Business. Few Transporters shy away to adapt themselves with changing Business need. What we have observed that, the transporters in India have nostalgia about Technological and Software Systems as been expensive for replacing Manual Operations.

Following answer we got from transporters who are reluctant to implement Vehicle Tracking Software Solution:-

1. It is an Expensive Solution

2. We cannot operate on Computer, it’s cumbersome.

3. It is not of much use for the fleet of less than 20 Vehicles.

4. We trust our drivers and these software solution cannot understand out processes

5. At the end of the day, the solution is not worthy. “Le de ke baat vahin pard jati hai”

6. Lot many time they waste time in thinking and shy from decision making.

7. We don’t get time to check the software

If you are going through dilemma for implementing software solution for managing transportation activities and anyone of the above situation you feel it for yourself also then we might help you in understanding things more clearly!

Just imagine the scenario, you saved on siphoning which was originally observed to be 15ltr in every trip. (You don’t have other just to rely on driver than that the vehicle didn’t give average because of traffic) that means you lost 1250 on every trip and for 100 trips in a month, it goes to 1, 25,000. I guess this is not a small amount for you to save!! In a year you saved 15, 00,000/-.

The cost of implementation of Software is less than what you saved in one year

There is not called expensive or cheaper in this world. We will rather say, a thing is either worthy or not worthy. In case of Vehicle tracking Software, we can confidently say, the software solution is worthy for you to cut down overhead expenses and bring operational efficiency to maximize profitability. Imagine, you are able to see location of your vehicle 24 X 7 and more over control them remotely. You can check the km. travelled and efficiency of a driver. Just by comparing things and diagrammatically representation helps to figure out problems/ shortcoming.

To be Continued……………………

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