Waterproof GPS Tracker: Things you should know

Technology is blissful. One such tech wonder that is indeed a gift to mankind is GPS Tracker. While most of us know about the commonly used GPS Tracker Devices in everyday life, many are unaware about the amazing Waterproof GPS Tracker Devices pumping a million hopes in lives and businesses! Whether you know it or not, the cardinal truth is that these devices are widely accepted and used across industry lines and business domains. These devices penetrate spheres where human intervention is hard all thanks to their resilient nature. Most of these rugged, tough, powerful and easy-to-handle GPS devices use customized hardware structures, components and microchips.


Waterproofing Waterproof GPS Tracker

The toughness of these devices does not come with the hardware components alone. It is complimented by the cases packaged alongside. The material, grading and packing of cases redefines their identity as a waterproof device. In fact it is these cases that lent a striking firmness to the device and make it an all-weather, tough terrain and water friendly affair. On a common front however, these devices are designed specifically for seamless functioning against callous weather conditions and water.


Constantly evolving technology is a topic of endless discussions at various business forums and in our personal communications. Taking cue from one such amazing technology is Nano-coating technique. It offers a complete waterproofing solution for a variety of devices including GPS Trackers and shields them against unwarranted water spills and dips. Nano-coating is not visible to the human eye and remains untraceable to the touch. As against heavy waterproof cases, it offers a more credible quick fix solution to prevent damages caused by water and dust. Interestingly, Nano-coating is 1000 times slimmer than the human hair!


WaterProof Tracking Device

Wondering if your GPS tracker device lacks ruggedness, water resistant capabilities and is unfit to beat harsh weather conditions? Have you ever felt the pulsating need to switch over from your mundane GPS tracker device to a more tech savvy and compelling Waterproof GPS tracker devices? Now is the time to make that necessary switch to a more contemporary waterproof GPS devices that guarantee your deliverables meet your business objectives within the assigned time deadlines, budget allocations and modern technology frameworks.


Waterproof GPS devices offer plausible business solutions for:


  • Heavy equipment tracking
  • Oil Tanker Tracking
  • Milk Tanker Tracking
  • Trailer movement and tracking
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
  • Motorcycles
  • Swimming analysis, tracking and training up to 100 meters depth
  • Elecromobiles
  • Water tank management
  • Common vehicles


These devices battle nature’s fury with a stubborn approach. Most of these devices are powered by equally stringent IP Codes and MIL grades. IP Codes used usually range between IP65 and IP 69. The most commonly accepted version is IP65 that guards the device against dust, solidified objects, sprays, liquids and low pressure gushes.


Waterproof GPS Tracker Device features


  • Combination of GSM+GPRS+GPS technologies
  • Voltage requirement ranging between 7.5 to 90 volts.
  • Real time and brisk positioning/tracking inputs.
  • Water and dust proof for beating tough outdoor environment.
  • Long lasting battery for detailed monitoring.
  • Vibration detect.
  • Geo-fencing and SOS alarm button.
  • Immobilization through remote control for greater protection.
  • In-built and top notch antenna quality compliments its tracking capabilities.
  • Cost effective with easy-to-install and splendid field dependability capacities.
  • Varied device dimensions depending on customized needs and business requirements.


After reading this article if you are thinking about changing your mind and above all replacing your old GPS tracker device with the newer and rugged Waterproof versions, then simply go for it and NOW!