What is GPS Tracking Software? Myth v/s Reality!

GPS technology has been around for a long time yet even today many companies are uncertain about its usage and benefits. Sadly this amazing technology is getting overshadowed by myths floating around everywhere. The aim of this article is to throw light on the compelling need of GPS tracker devices more so for the transportation and logistics industry.


Before we proceed to clear the mist around the myths surrounding this technology, let’s first understand what exactly is GPS Tracking Software? It is a software that is configured with a GPS tracking device installed in a vehicle or carried by a person (wearable technology). This software uses the Global Positioning System to track the concerned vehicle or person by offering real time data. This software can easily be installed in any of the commonly available smart phones that support GPS technology. Though this software is widely used in transportation and logistics industry it also finds takers across sectors including government, utilities, construction, child safety, cable and telecom, field service, elderly care, courier service, insurance, food and beverage service, heavy equipment, law enforcement agencies, pet tracking, oil/gas/mining, security, car rental services, waste management and VIP tracking.



Myth vs Reality


Myth #1 We don’t need GPS tracking, we trust our employees


It is a common myth that installing GPS tracking devices will dampen the morale of the employees. Companies refuse to install them for a simple fear that they might end up losing the trust of their employees. The main purpose of GPS devices however, is not to monitor employees but the vehicles to boost productivity by reducing operational costs.


Myth #2 It is unnecessary, I can track using my phone


Absolutely wrong. Using a cell phone to track is simply keeping a tab on your employees and not the vehicle. No doubt cell phones are incredible tools of communication but at the same time they fail to provide vital details important to a fleet manager. Only a GPS tracker device can provide critical inputs like real time location status, mileage history, fuel consumption patterns, stop time history, engine status amongst plethora of other options.


Myth #3 GPS tracking systems are expensive products


First of all, do not view GPS tracking devices as a product. It is indeed a service not a product that helps boosts productivity and efficiency by modulating fleet management systems in a better way. Secondly, installing GPS tracking systems is a one time investment that actually pays off with amazing results in the long run. No doubt the device prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but looking at the brighter side of things, this investment yields many worthy benefits that otherwise cost you a huge amount each time. These devices also save you the time wasted on incompetent routing, rash driving, excessive engine inactivity, overtime and fleet mismanagement. You should expect your return on investment (ROI) within a few months from the installation of this device.


Myth #4 GPS technology is only for big businesses


False. Who said that GPS technology extends it benefits to a company with a large fleet. No matter whether your fleet size is 2 or 2,000, benefits of installing the device remain the same irrespectively. Each device will offer vital stats about your vehicle, its location and driver’s behavioral patterns. Basis the information you can make amends to your business strategies that will churn out profitable results in the future. Data history will also allow you to analyze your routing plans and keep you future ready to face contingencies.


Myth #5 It is too confusing and difficult to install


This is not true. Initially the GPS tracking system may come across as a complex mix of hardware and software but it can be easily installed by a working professional. Besides, it may take you some time to get used to the complicated software and familiarize yourself with the system but once that is done, you will realize it is a seamless activity.


Myth #6 This technology is not reliable, yields no results


Not at all. Let is look at some interesting facts about fleets using GPS tracking software. These facts are a result of an extensive research. The report suggests that fleets, which use this technology experience 12% productivity boost and 30% average fuel reduction. 49% fleets use it monitor vehicle location while 31% fleets rely on it to monitor safety.


It is a little overwhelming to get accustomed to this technology initially but the results it delivers are consequential and play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall growth and development of your business.