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Automatic Vehicle Dispatching

Fleet Robo - Automatic Vehicle Dispatch Solution, vehicle can be automated through IT driven system based on Intelligent Business rules for uniformity in assigning and dispatching vehicle on time.

What is the first thing that comes when ever customers request for Vehicle and Transportation services?

If we are following a manual process of dispatching of vehicle, we never get an answer instead we get tangled in another question that to whom I should allocate for a job? Vehicle Dispatching is an important job that is to be done very cautiously in order to allocate right resource to the right person. Whenever we have to work in tandem with shared resources, such problem and challenges creates difficult situation for fleet operators.

Is it like there is no solution for it? Certainly not! There is a solution that is Fleet Robo - Automatic Vehicle Dispatch Solution. The dispatching of vehicle can be automated through IT driven system based on Intelligent Business rules so that it ensures uniformity in Job Assignment and reduce the minimum waiting time for customer who requested. We have a sound automatic vehicle dispatch vehicle that ensures precise selection of chauffeur who is most suitable for job at a particular time and place.

How it works?

  • Step 1: Customer calls to the call center to request for a Vehicle. The time and location is recorded automatically in the system.
  • Step 2: The system line up all the requests and before requisite time, the automatically finds the suitable Chauffeur in vicinity.
  • Step 3:The Chauffeurs confirm their availability and based on intelligent business rules, the job is assigned to the chauffeur.