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Changing Scenario Of Transportation Industry

Industries nowadays are pacing at a par speed where everything should be well managed with no scope of mistakes, as even a small mistake can lead to lose their place in the market. Industrialists are now adopting new solutions, thanks to technology which helps them to stay up-to-date in a constantly shifting and evolving industry competing to grow larger than themselves and others.

Due to the expanding market, companies need more vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, this means more investment by the companies. Adding supply, fuel, and the cost of repairing a broken truck are just a few of the expenses a company can expect to shell out.

Fleet is the first symbol to the quality of your business practices. Drivers run your fleet and often their on-road conduct and practices with the vehicle is a key deciding factor for the reputation of your Business and Vehicle Lifespan. Thus, to ensure the longevity of the vehicle’s engine-life, it is utmost important to monitor unsafe and lossmaking Drivers’ Conduct with the vehicle.

This in-turn raises the need of a technology based solution that would allow to monitor driver behavior with vehicles which would provide unbiased data, eliminate high-cost of maintenance, ensure Driver Safety and will allow to kill malpractices. It will also restrict unscrupulous use of vehicles. Further, the accountability of their performance will make your drivers aware of their driving behavior while out on the road, resulting in a more economically and environmentally efficient fleet with fewer road accidents and reduced operational cost.

Basic Vehicle Tracking Solution only provide basic tracking with alerts such as ignition status, map route diversions, delay status, etc. Most of the industries uses basic GPS tracking. It improves operations, efficiency and finances but there is a need to improve safety on roads. With comparisen to basic Vehicle Tracking Solution prevailing in market, Advanced Vehicle Tracking Technology utilizes software application along with existing GPS hardware to provide the ability to monitor and control fleet movement. The use of Advanced Vehicle Tracking Solution would allow the Fleet Managers to track, manage and monitor their fleet movement. This will also help them to effectively manage their personnel and minimize idle time thus, enhancing productivity. With the ability to process information for best and short routes to be taken, you can decrease the fuel consumption and engine usage. This will help in saving the environment by emitting less carbon in air. Automated reports and bills will reduce dependence on physical records thus, saving trees that will keep the earth clean and green and streamline the billing process.

Some of the most important benefits that fleet managers can experience with the incorporation of Advanced Vehicle Tracking Solution to their fleet are the following:

Driving Behavior: The on-road behavior of your Drivers can be monitored through various alerts and graphical reports. This would result in safe driving habits; thus, would reduce rate of accidents and would enhance safety and security of your assets.

Discourage Harsh Driving: Through Real-time monitoring, driving behavior policies could be strictly enforced on drivers to make them drive properly.

Cost Saving on Fuel and Maintenance: Bad driving leads to wastage of fuel, lower fuel mileage and increased frequency of fleet maintenance services which can be reduced through Advanced Vehicle Tracking System.

Reduction in Operational Costs: Lesser number of accidents and proper driving pattern can help mitigate stress on both drivers and fleet manager, as when fleet is involved in some mis-happening, it costs a huge amount of time and money to deal with these situations.

The basic characteristics of a solution which every industrialist seeks to implement are easy to deploy, cheap on pockets, requires less physical assets, help them solving the issues they face during long haul transits and can evolve with respect to new technology practices. But, safety of an asset is one of the major concerns in fleet management. So, choose an intelligent technology partner for all these serviceability for your Fleet ensuring safety of your asset, and to provide your customers the best experience and satisfaction of choosing you as their Service partner.

The Fleet and the consignment are both an asset to the Fleet Owners and the customers. Using a Smart Technology driven solution with features mentioned above will strengthen the Safety and Security of these assets.

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