Fleet Management Solution : Adding value to FMCG Sector

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is the most widespread industry of the world that deals with the production, packaging, marketing and distribution of consumer goods like over-the-counter drugs, glassware, paper products, household products, food and dairy products including packaged food products and many more products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost. Many FMCG’s have a short shelf-life either due to high consumer demand such as pre-packed foods, soft drinks, candies, etc. or because the product deteriorates rapidly such as poultry, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, etc.
FMCG industry is a challenging business because of cut-throat competition, a wide variety of substitute brands and vast range of operations like multiple tiers in the structure with distributors /dealers, suppliers, whole-sellers and retailers spread across the entire world, maintaining inventory and a large sales-force. There are numerous aspects that have to be managed simultaneously. The success of an FMCG company heavily relies on three crucial aspects – speed, safety and accuracy as the main challenge for these companies is to transport perishable goods across long distances with in tight schedules and for this the FMCG sector supply-chain performance is an important factor. Delay in trips, wrong consignment delivery, wastage of fuel, a minor temperature variation in reefers or idling of vehicle by driver could disrupt the entire schedules and cause huge potential loss in business. Implementation of GPS based Fleet Management Solution (FMS) in FMCG fleet can benefit businesses in numerous ways like

On Time Delivery, Win More Business
Time is money & wastage of time costs money. Each delayed delivery brings down your business and the market image of your brand. Manually assigning routes & trip schedules for your fleet without any monitoring results in missed & delayed deliveries which create a negative impression among the customers but by FMS you can optimize and automate all your trips, routes and deliveries and you can track and monitor them also. Any contingencies will be planned in advance and the drivers will be informed about them like accidents and bad weather to avoid delays and re-route.

Cut Down Fuel Costs
Unauthorized or not optimized routes, harsh driving, over speeding, excessive idling, vehicle misuse etc. will result in increased fuel expenses. This can be avoided by using an automated GPS tracking system. These solutions will assist to ensure on-time deliveries by the shortest and authorized route thus saving fuel costs

Keep Track of Driving Behaviour
Drivers run your fleet and often their on-road conduct and practices with the vehicle is a key deciding feature for your business reputation and vehicle lifespan. So it important to monitor unsafe and unprofitable Drivers’ conduct to ensure the longevity of the Vehicle’s engine-life.FMS Solution would allow to monitor driver behaviour with which would provide unbiased data, eliminate high-cost of maintenance, ensure driver safety and will allow to kill malpractices. Accountability of their performance will make your drivers aware of their driving behaviour whilst out on the road.

Avoid Damage of Perishable Goods
Refrigerated Vehicles carry perishable goods for long period of time that has to be delivered at client place on-time safely. The goods will require constant monitoring of temperature, even a minor change will spoil the goods and leads to have huge potential loss. FMS Solution will help to monitoring reefer temperature levels in real-time so alerts can be sent on occasions of temperature change and with anti-theft option using Vehicle immobilizer which help fleet operators to react in instance of Vehicle theft.

Inventory Management
To Keep the inventory under check is unavoidable for an FMGC company. The overheads of storing and managing inventory for perishable goods are largely reduced with a FMS solution as it not only keeps a check of inventory and goods on the run, but also foresight the scheduled deliveries thus creating a more efficiently managed supply chain. The systematic processes improve the accuracy and validity of records, eliminating the chances of discrepancies later.

Report Generation
Through FMS Solution you can create vast amounts of figures generated from past records, history and statistic and turned them into smart and actionable data and reports, report on various Alerts & Alarms generated, etc. automatically. This can offer profitable suggestions and deviations to the processes with accuracy and saves a lots of time also.

Intuitive Apps
The point of a mobile app is to provide a seamless means for drivers, clients, retailers, whole-sellers and company officials to connect and interact with each other in a secure environment, making it a valuable tool for the modern business. Apps can be used to enable mobile based check-in when drivers are traveling on the fleet or record of receipt of goods through digital signatures and code-scans, they can reduce the costs of SMS and physical records and reduce staff workload by automated information-requests and phone calls.

Acquire New Business
If your company uses a FMS Solution which can provide discussed features and much more so you are already offering the best possible services to your clients; you just need to let them know & win new contracts.

FMCG industry with a volatile consumer base, greater business competition, distribution challenges, limited resources and more complexity in every aspect of business operations is surely a tough nut to crack therefore GPS based Fleet Management Solution make use of integrated techniques right from a variety of devices to modern day software like GPS, Mobile Technologies etc. and offer a newer and contemporary supply chain management approach where slowly and steadily IoT empowers the vehicle tracking systems in more ways than one which goes beyond after the delivery is made.
“Keep your consignments on time and safe”,

Written By : Garima




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