GPS Tracking Usage beyond imagination

GPS Tracking: Usage beyond imagination

Few years back in India, Vehicle Tracking was a luxury gadget for the logistic companies who wanted to add quality to their service and make them stand out from their competitors, or just used for basic tracking by the logistics industry, but today it’s not just a necessity but a strict mandate as Government of India has made it a compulsion for the vehicles used in Public Transportation and proposed the same for commercial vehicles too.

Now, Vehicle Tracking is more of as a safety measure, which is moderating the impact of any mishaps in almost every industrial sector.

Technology makes our life simpler, and is a boom if the usage is explored beyond the imagination. In developing countries, introduction of new technology is exploitable at a larger scale rather in developed countries where the usage is conventional & limited.

Here are some of the industries which uses VTS tracking in various ways:

GPS Vehicle Tracking for Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industry is a vast sector which generally starts with loading of raw materials from different sites and ends with delivering the end products. The products can vary form perishable goods to specially designed mechanical parts which are precondition to be handled and delivered carefully. Timely deliveries, driver behavior monitoring, collision detection and fuel level monitoring are the issues to be focused in these industries.

GPS Fleet Tracking for Concrete Company Vehicles

Industries where protocol is “time is money” falls under this segment. Therefore, calculation of idle time and fuel efficiency is the focus for them. They regularly transport expensive materials & goods, where delay or theft can cause huge loss; therefore, timely and secure transportation becomes vital for increasing the efficiency of fleets. Tracking and other logistics solutions, helps such companies in many ways, some of which are:-

  • Prevention of time loss due to traffic,
  • Consignment safety and protection
  • Driving behavior monitoring.

GPS Tracking for School Bus Management

School Bus management is the critical and sensitive issue now-a-days. Lately, many cases been reported related to safety of children inside school and school buses. Here is the list of certain solutions which can be integrated to enhance students’ safety while commuting in school buses:-

  • Tracking, driver behavior
  • Monitoring bus movement
  • SMS alert after pick-up/ dropping-off the students in schools/ bus-stops

GPS Tracking for Mining Industries

Yes, mining is also one of the industries which uses GPS tracking and some other advanced features which could further maximize the efficiency of their fleet. Tracking can help them to monitor the idle time and utilization effectively. Fuel monitoring, load monitoring, reminders for due maintenance and services could be very beneficial since the investment in mining-machineries is huge, and hence optimum utilization of available resources is necessary.

Similarly, several other industries like OEMs, Heavy-machineries, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, etc. can also reap the benefits of Intelligent GPS tracking.

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