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How School Bus Management System Can Curb Parent’s Worries.

Managing successful school transport operations while guaranteeing the well-being of the pupils is a very challenging task for any school authority. Ensuring the pupils’ security within school campus is still an easy responsibility for school authority compared to ensuring their safety in School buses when they ply to and fro from schools, which the is prime concern of parents today.

Lack of confidence and credible school provided transportation services, many parents resort to take the responsibility of picking up and drop their children by their own vehicle or use private vehicle, this not only further adds to growing traffic congestions and pollution, it also take the toll on parents.

An efficient School-bus tracking solution is one of the most effective solution to answer all those woes as well as an accurate answer for all the parents and school authorities whose minds are always churning about kids’ security day-in and out.

With the help of School-bus tracking solution, parents and School Authorities are able to track the school-bus in real-time and also, parents get notification when school-bus approaching their respective bus-stops, so they don’t have to wait at the bus stop. In addition, parents/school authorities are notified if school bus is stuck in traffic or when kids reach school.

By using advanced school-bus tracking solution, parents have real time information regarding the personal and professional records of school bus driver and attendant, instant alerts and alarms in any dangerous situation via. panic-buttons, route optimization in case of heavy traffic, over-speed buzzer, vehicle dispatch system for schools running in multiple shifts, driver allocation and attendance management and various other intelligent analytical reports. They can further be combined with in-vehicle CCTV Cameras for identification of children while boarding and De-Boarding bus and RFID Systems for Student Attendance Management cutting on time-wasted to take attendance in classrooms. All this will further enhance the security quotient for your children.

A Smart School bus management system with various service-ability will help to ensure parents for their kids’ safety in school provided transportation system. It will further cut on traffic and pollution, adds on school’s positive reputation, and grows parents trust.

Features of Advance school bus management system:

• Real-time visibility of bus route
• Geo-fencing
• Route optimization
• Pickup and drop Alerts
• Driver and attendant information
• Panic button
• Attendance system
• Over Speeding alert

Written By:  Kumud

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