How to track movable assets in multimodal transportation

Today majority of shipment is done through shared transportations, i.e. use of transportation and logistics companies to transport their goods. However, majority of shipment done this way, knowing current location and status of asset/goods in real-time to shipper, especially in multimodal transportation environment is still a challenge.

There is always big security concern for asset/goods owner as there is always chance of incident relating to stealing or pilferage of valuable product while in-transit and the knowing exact information regarding the status and expected time of assets/goods reaching to client.
An Asset tracker is one of the most efficient and beneficial solution to mitigate this concern. Asset tracker is most effective way to track your asset irrespective of size of consignment, or mode of transportation. One can use it to know the real-time location, status of cargo & containers carrying the consignment, etc.

Asset tracker is a multimodal tracking solution by that you will be able to track your consignment in-spite of its shipping started: from point of loading to the destination through any mode of transportation be it truck, train or container cargo through sea. By using asset trackers, we can keep track of our consignment through the entire Shipping life-cycle from the source to destination.

There is two type of asset tracker depending on your consignment size, if you would like to track real-time depending on asset journey, you will opt a small battery-powered asset tracker for smaller journey time. For longer journey time and with multimodal transportation, especially for very valuable like heavy equipment, machineries and want keep an eye on your consignment you will opt for long-lasting battery powered asset tracker.

Benefits of Assets trackers:

• Maximizing assets’ efficiency and minimizing the loss due to unscrupulous usage.
• Fast recovery of stolen or misled consignments via. Real-time GPS Tracking.
• Better customer satisfaction and improved customer – loyalty.
• Real-Time Asset Management
• Increase Productivity and Reduce Labor cost
• Avoid Unnecessary Repair and Maintenance Costs
• Allows Maintenance Tracking
• Streamline Maintenance Schedules
• Ensure Regulatory Compliance
• Ensure Accuracy and Peace of Mind

Written By : Kumud


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