Things to be Considered When Choosing the Employee Transportation

Development demands rapid urbanization and this swift growth comes with many hurdles. Indian IT companies are not unscathed with the challenges that urban rapid growth brings and they need to constantly align themselves with innovate and out-of-box solutions. Machines, equipment, and infrastructure can be constructed, procured or leased for business but, it is the employees that drive the growth of your business and are key to its sustenance. Therefore, safety of employees especially female employees is one of the major concerns, now-a-days. One more day to day struggle that employees go through on daily basis is the time that gets wasted while waiting for buses, metros or cabs for commuting to offices and homes. And so many companies have come up with Employee Transportation Department. But in this case also there are instances that add up to inconvenient exchange of words and situations among employees, transport providers, transport managers, and HR & Administration Department.

The most challenging task for Companies and their Transport Managers is managing the journey their employees undertake from their residence to office and back as this requires proper planning, timely updates about details of their respective assigned cabs, promising employees’ safety while co-ordinating with Drivers and Cab Vendors as well.


Challenges in managing Employee Transportation:


Managing employee transportation is an intricate and dynamic process. The average employee count in any company varies in between 500 to 1000 and even more with a large pool of inter-connected pick and drop routes spread city-wide. This makes the job of Transport Managers and companies a challenging act. It is therefore a prerequisite to incorporate best technology solutions in employee transportation management department and get rid of every below listed problem. Thus, making employee transportation a smooth and hassle-free process for employees as well as Transport Managers.


Employee Transportation Challenges


  • Pick Up/ Drop Off Delays
  • Co-Ordination with Cab Drivers
  • Co-Ordination with Employees
  • Female Employees Safety
  • Manual Rostering & Routing
  • Increased Travel Time Due to Traffic and/ or Route Deviation
  • Month-End Billing & Payments to Cab Vendors


Now the question arises finding that best Employee Transportation Solution which can lift these listed challenges and fits your departmental budget too. For sure, all that a company wants is to cut down time and energy that their employee may drop while tracking cabs, calling cab-drivers while they are driving. Employees can be more efficient and focused during their working hours if their day starts and ends without needless stress of the next ride they should undertake. Such a solution must be able to enhance company’s efficiency by managing their employees while providing sense of safety, control and satisfaction and so must be chosen wisely.


7 “Must-have” Features needed in Employee Transportation Solution


  • Real-time tracking and navigation for Transport Managers, employees, and cab drivers.
  • Automated trip-rostering and scheduling to ensure timely Pick up/ drop off employees as well as optimum utilization of cab available.
  • Ensuring safety of women employees by managing routes so that either a male employee is dropped off last or an escort accompanies if a women employee is dropped off last.
  • Notification through alarms and alerts via SMS, emails or Mobile or Web-based Application in case of accidents, route deviations, delays, etc.
  • Automated billing at the month end to ensure timely and accurate payments to cab-vendors so that mutual trust is maintained between cab-vendors and companies taking their services.
  • Automated MIS reports without any discrepancies or manual errors.
  • Web based or mobile based application support, SMS or email alerts for respective Transport Managers, employees and cab-drivers for a trip.


Further, such an Employee Transport Management Solution would promote Employee Engagement and Retention by providing a sense-of-control & satisfaction through the facility of tracking and managing their trips with minimized delays, greater safety, and would also optimize utilization of cabs by ensuring cabs are arranged based on number of employees to board the trip, etc. This would also provide company’s various other capabilities like Employee Attendance Management, etc.


So, choose a solution-provider that can deliver all the above functionality in a single Smart-Solution.


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