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FleetRobo offers E2E (End to End) fleet management solutions for Taxi Management, Car Rental, Trucking & Logistics, Employee commuting and School Management!

FleetRobo offers industry specific fleet management solutions that are suitably designed to augment operational efficiency and business productivity. Our end to end fleet management solutions aims at optimizing the usage of shared resources by automating the business processes. We have readymade suit of E2E (End to End) Fleet Management solutions that can be customized as per requirement. We can implement these solutions in shortest possible time so that you can start getting benefits for your IT investment at the earliest.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking is a method of locating a vehicle, person or any other asset using Global Positioning System (GPS). The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite navigation system that can provide information about longitude, latitude, speed, and moving direction of an Object.

How will the Installation of a GPS Tracking unit affect the Warranty of a Vehicle?

FleetRobo’s Installation Engineer are trained Professionals, they install the GPS Tracking unit without cutting or peeling any wire of your Vehicle, keeping the warranty of the vehicle intact.

How long does it takes to install a GPS Tracking unit in a Vehicle?

Depending on the type of Vehicle as well as the Type of Solution being Installed, duration for the Installation of a GPS Tracking unit may vary from 1 hour to 8 hours.

What is the warranty of a GPS Tracking unit?

The GPS Tracking unit generally comes with a warranty of 1 year against any manufacturing defect or dead on arrival. The warranty becomes void in case the device is tampered.

How does a Vehicle Tracking System Work?

A vehicle Tracking System Consist of three main components, i.e. Hardware Tracking Unit, Commissioning Server and Software Application.

The device uses GPS to record the position of the asset at regular intervals and Transmit the same information to the Commissioning Server using GPRS Connectivity. The data received from a GPS Tracking unit is in a Raw form and after being processed by the Commissioning Server, the data is displayed on the Software Application in user friendly formats.

How can I access the data sent by the GPS Tracking unit?

The GPS Tracking data is presented in a user readable and graphical format. You can access this data on your PC, Laptop and Mobile.

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