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Ambulance plays a major role when accident occurs on the road network and need arises to save valuable human life. Transportation of a patient to hospital in emergency seems quite simple but it gets difficult during peak hours. For emergency service providers, giving their service in least time shows their best performance. But in present day it becomes hard for Emergency service providers to assign an ambulance which can reach the patient in optimum time.

To overcome this problem, FleetRoboTM has designed Ambulance Management System which ensures the Emergency Service providers to track their fleet Real-time based on integration of various technologies i.e. GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM (Global System for Mobile), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and LBS (Location Based Services).This solution helps emergency service providers to assign ambulance manually and also helps the hospitals to prepare for emergency cases with prior notification.

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With FleetRoboTM, Ameliorate your fleet/taxi business and track your vehicle's activities and location in real-time while they are on the go with the ease of a phone application.

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