Cold Chain Logistics

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Delivery of products such as Frozen food, Perishable goods like fruits & vegetables, vaccines, Ice-cream and other health and beauty products requires close monitoring of temperature during their transit from source to multiple destinations.

While keeping a check on these parameters the fleet owners also need to ensure on-time and appropriate deliveries to the customer. In addition to this, the fleet owner also needs to ensure that their driver is driving the fleet in an appropriate manner, else rash driving behavior could lead to partial or complete damage of the goods inside the vehicle.

To overcome these hitches FleetRoboTM offers Cold Chain Logistics Solution for managing the fleet of refrigerated vehicles. This solution has been custom designed to meet the requirement of the Cold Chain Industry. Using this solution the fleet owners can not only track and locate their fleet in Real-time but they will also be updated about the exact temperature of each of the reefer container in their fleet. They can also track the driving pattern of their drivers to ensure that the goods reach safely to the end users.

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