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Road transport in India is a dominant segment in India’s transportation sector. It not only adds to economic development but also plays a vital role in social integration of country because of easy accessibility and door-to-door services. Understanding its importance as life line, FleetRoboTM Trucking and Logistic Solution has been developed with objectives:-

  • To empower transporters envisage themselves to work with efficient Global Standard.
  • To enhance vehicle productivity and optimize the output.
  • To streamline process and record management for management of resources.

This solution ensures secure transportation of goods across terrains. It gives you the visibility beyond your line of sight with intuitive Real-time vehicle tracking interface for your computer and smart-phone, accessible through internet. The fleet operator can track Real-time location and movement of vehicle in-transit on digital map. It ensures safe and destined transportation of goods across India.

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With FleetRoboTM, Ameliorate your fleet/taxi business and track your vehicle's activities and location in real-time while they are on the go with the ease of a phone application.

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