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Taxi Management Solution (TMS) caters to end-to-end needs of Radio Taxi Vendors. The solution is equipped with features specifically designed to bring ease in operations. The intuitive features Automatically identify idle vehicle in the field and based on intelligent business rules dispatches the vehicle as per need.

FleetRoboTM Taxi Management Solution helps you optimize the usage of shared resource by slicing the time slots where the vehicle can be used. It helps in maximizing the revenue and returns through uniform utilization of resources. The MIS Reporting and BI Tools helps in maintain record and calculate vehicle efficiency, and enhances the performance and brings certainty in business decision making.

Taxi Management Solution comprises intelligent functions that help in maintaining uniformity in number of Jobs Assigned to drivers during transit. Also, Real-time tracking of vehicle and status of fleet is managed with convergence of Information Technology that comprises GPS, GSM, GPRS and IT Enabled Software Solutions.

In-Vehicle devices used in this solution are robust and designed to work effectively in adverse conditions and in different climatic conditions. Security and Safety Utility for drivers and passengers along with the operationally efficient solutions make this solution a complete Package for Taxi Management.

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With FleetRoboTM, Ameliorate your fleet/taxi business and track your vehicle's activities and location in real-time while they are on the go with the ease of a phone application.

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