This winter, make your fleet of vehicles safe by GPS Tracking Solutions

As winter approaches, less visibility and limited hours of day light availability, coupled with icy and slippery roads makes it difficult to drive. In addition, with cold conditions drivers needs to be more attentive and take care of vehicle condition more as dip in temperature does effect vehicle performance. In spite of all these conditions, fleet managers / owners needs to transport goods on time in adverse conditions, which pose a big challenge. To overcome all these challenges, Vehicle tracking solutions can help better prepared for such conditions: such as better route planning, vehicle maintenance report, real time visibility of vehicle while in transit and driving behavior and lot more:

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Solution: –

Monitoring driving behavior
Lot of traffic accidents occurs because of driver’s rack-less driving behavior. Therefore, by Vehicle Tracking Solutions you can monitor problematic driving habits such as excessive speed, harsh or late braking, sharp turn, searing-swerving etc. You can then pro actively address these issues and in case of an accident, the system will provide you alert with data about the accident so you can take appropriate action.

Help Improve Maintenance of vehicles
Maintenance issues are always cause for concern, but some vehicles in fleet need more maintenance in the winter as poorly maintained vehicles are at a greater risk for accidents. Vehicle Tracking Solutions provide up-to-date maintenance reminders to the drivers and management that maintenance, such as service of vehicle, oil change, coolant change and heater/ AC check-ups or wheel-balancing etc., are very much required for smooth running of vehicles. A good working vehicle that gets repairs and tune-ups at the right time will help to keep your drivers and vehicles safe.

Better Route planning
In snowy-foggy conditions, unpredictable situations can happen like traffic pile-ups, road closures that can delay delivery and reduce driver productivity. The GPS based Vehicle Tracking Solution can determine the most optimal routes for drivers to take, to save time and deliver on time.

Controlled Fuel Consumption
In winter season, usage of fuel is already high due to long traffic jams and inefficient routes, speeding, harsh braking, vehicle idling; there will be more fuel wastage and thus, increased cost to company. The GPS based Vehicle Tracking Solution will help you ensure better route visibility and check on malpractices and thus results in control fuel consumption.

Informing Customers about Delays
Providing real-time information to customers about their goods location and in case of extreme weather condition or vehicle breakdown creates, considerable delay in transporting goods, can be informed in advance and if need arises sending backup vehicle fast to the location to avoid more delays.
GPS based Tracking Solutions can save lot of money and make your fleet and drivers safe with increased customer satisfaction. All parties involved in a supply-chain can stay happy and safe on the roads this winter season by just adding this solution to their supply-chain system.


Written By : Garima

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